Pain in the neck can be very hurting, especially when trying to rotate the head. Some patients also feel pain when they wake up from sleep because of a bad posture while sleeping, and this pain generally resolves on itself sometimes. 

Let’s discuss the signs when you need medical assistance and what causes neck pain. If the patient feels neck pain persistently and symptoms are adverse, in this case, Dr Hui Kang in Houston can be there for help. 

Before we get down to signs of neck pain, let’s discuss a few causes for neck pain. 

What Causes Pain in the neck?

The causes cannot be listed down in one post, but the most common causes include: 

  1. the strain of neck muscles: this can happen due to sudden movement or rotation of the neck.
  2. Disc degeneration: degeneration of the cervical disc can cause severe neck pain and require surgical treatment in adverse cases. 
  3. Injury: trauma or injury due to sports. 
  4. Arthritis: this is a primary symptom of rheumatoid arthritis. 
  5. spinal stenosis: narrowing of the spinal canal can cause neck pain along with back pain and various complications.

Persistent pain in the neck can indicate something worse and, if not diagnosed and treated in time, can cause paralysis of neck muscles or lifelong discomfort. 

When do you need medical assistance for neck pain

Normal neck pain due to bad posture or a sprain can be treated with some icing and heat. For some patients, massage may help. 

When there is no improvement in the severity of pain, the patient should contact their nearest medical health care provider. Some signs of neck pain include: 

  1. Neck pain accompanied by fever or headache. 
  2.  piece of mass in the posterior part of the neck. 
  3. Nausea and vomiting, along with neck pain. 
  4. Numbness or tingling can indicate nerve compression and cause severe neck pain. 
  5. Loss of bladder control. 

If the patient observes any of the signs mentioned above, they may contact a medical health care provider as soon as possible, as these conditions can cause serious complications. 

How can neck pain be treated? 

If the neck pain is due to bad posture or sudden neck rotation while playing some sports, icing and massage can help. These therapies can be done by anyone and do not require medical assistance. If this type of pain does not relieve in a few days, you may contact a doctor.

In case of severe neck pain or persistent neck pain, the doctor may take up the following methods to treat the pain: 

  1. Exercise or physiotherapy. 
  2. Medication for pain management.
  3. Muscle relaxants. 

If the neck pain is due to infection, the doctor may prescribe antibiotics. 

If you deal with neck pain and it is persistent, then you should get medical help and let the doctor decide what has to be done to treat this condition.

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