Losing your hair can be an upsetting experience, possibly making you feel less confident, and affecting your self-esteem. It is though, something that is incredibly common, but with today’s advancing technology, no longer something that you have to put up with. The big question is what is the best way of getting a new head of hair that looks natural, with the least amount of pain and expense? While new innovations continue to be made, there are two main options for a new set of hair, being hair transplant or hair replacement.

Hair Transplant

Quite simply, this is a surgical procedure where hair is taken from a healthy part of the scalp and transplanted to a different area that is experiencing hair loss. An anaesthetic is used to numb the scalp and hair follicle strips will be taken, dissected and implanted into small incisions made in the scalp. You are effectively given a new set of your own hair, which will begin to grow naturally and will provide a long term solution. Obviously hair doesn’t grow overnight, so the full results in terms of regeneration will take some weeks or months to grow into place. The major benefits of hair transplant are that it is a relatively quick procedure that provides natural looking hair, giving you back your feeling of well-being and self-esteem. At the same time, it is important that you choose a professional and experienced clinic, as while the transplant is minimally invasive, failure to use a competent hair transplant surgeon can result in hair that looks unnatural and unattractive.

Hair Replacement

This is not like a toupee or wig that looks awful and can be spotted immediately. Today’s hair replacement systems are dramatically different and the materials used to construct them are much finer and more sophisticated. The hair used is often genuine human hair, which can look brilliant when in place. It provides instant results, regardless of the reason for your original hair loss. It also has pro’s and con’s. It is swift, inexpensive and works even if you do not have sufficient hair donor follicles for a hair transplant. On the downside, it feels to some people as if they are wearing a wig, is unable to change to different styles, and requires regular maintenance and cleaning.

Globally available

Both options are available anywhere in the world, so you can find a clinic for hair transplant procedure in Malaysia, as easily as in America. What is essential, regardless of which option you select, is that you do an in-depth study on which option is best for you, both economically and feasibly too. If you want a full head of natural hair again, you will need to have a sufficient number of available donor follicles, which is something you will need to discuss with your chosen clinic.

It is not advisable to use price as your number one criteria for selecting the clinic. A proven track record of success is essential if you are going to achieve the desired results, so always check the clinics reputation and see if they have any rating in their country or region, to be sure your new hair will be worth the price.


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