Along with flowers shower a little ayurvedic care to your hair!

Herbal cleansers are ayurvedic preparations that involve the usage of traditional ayurvedic work to clean the scalp and get rid of hair problems. The ayurvedic herbal cleanser cleans the dirt and grime caused by the pollutants, bacteria, and temperature change.

As India has a rich history of Ayurveda, and hence people have started using the ayurvedic extracts of various from. But it’s extremely important to know what kind of cleansers to use because everyone’s body is not alike which would or wouldn’t accept things. Also, cleansers that are chemically loaded don’t end up giving good results or might end up giving allergic reactions.

Ingredients like sulphate and parabens can dry out the skin and scalp which can cause dandruff and split-ends. This is present in most of the chemically bonded shampoos and cleansers, and thus we recommend you to go with paraben and sulphate free Ayurvedic hair cleanser. In the pleasure of getting short-lived results, we end up damaging the scalp which can end up ruining hair follicles and causing more danger to the scalp which can lead to hair fall. This can not only degrade overall hair health but also the whole purpose of hair care.

Here are 7 amazing unknown facts of ayurvedic hair cleansers:

1.     It’s A one-stop solution for frizzy and dry hair

To get rid of frizzy and dry hair, one spends an ample amount of money on spa and hair treatments. Those harsh chemicals can bring more damage to hair which will eventually lead to hair fall, split ends and many hair problems. Hence, one should use a hair cleanser that involves ingredients like virgin coconut oil. Ayurveda has always backed the concept of virgin coconut oil for hair. Don`t worry, we`ve added that in your cleanser.

2.     Faster results

Herbal Cleansers are made up of pure organic ingredients which means there are no synthetic additives & harsh surfactants. It gently removes grime and dirt, unclogs follicles and strengthens the roots. Effective use of hair & scalp cleanser can bring great results.

3.     Works for any hair type

Some cleansers are only limited to a particular hair type. But Coco Soul`s Ayurvedic Hair and Scalp Cleanser helps to nourish any type of hair type and strengthens the hair and clears dandruff.

4.     Free from chemicals

Unlike some synthetic brands, herbal cleansers like Coco Soul`s hair and scalp cleansers are cruelty-free. It is a good mix of recipes, as it involves ingredients like virgin king coconut oil, keekirindiya, and godapara. These ingredients are said to be skin and scalp friendly by giving us the best results and magical look to our hair.

The main purpose of this Ayurvedic hair and scalp cleanser is to preserve hair vitality and scalp health in the long run. As they’re totally paraben free and sulphate free, they tend to enhance hair health for the long term.

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