Neck pain can ruin the quality of life if left unaddressed for long. Often you may hear people talking about that sharp pain after long hours in the office. Sometimes it’s the issue with the cervical discs which is causing problems. Regardless of the trigger, consider looking for immediate medical attention. This will put an end to the neck pains. There are specialists with the capability of offering robotic surgery or even minimally invasive spine surgeries. In New Jersey, there are reliable facilities ready to provide such assistance. Book an appointment with a specialist in neck pain in Shrewsbury for help.

What Causes Neck Pain?

The neck area is less protected than other spine areas. It often makes it vulnerable to wear and tear. Commonly, neck pain occurs due to the deterioration of the musculoskeletal structure at the neck. The problem can extend to the shoulder or upper back over time. We have different causes of the pain, such as keeping the head in one position. A good example is when you stay behind a computer for extensive hours.

Degenerative disc disease could also be a primary cause of problems. Mainly, such issues result in the gradual weakening of the bones. Other medical conditions may include osteoarthritis, herniated cervical discs, facet joint syndrome, and spondylosis.


It’s possible to curb the possibility of experiencing neck pain, one of which is maintaining a good posture. If you spend hours on a chair, it’s a great idea to find an ergonomic chair that helps your back and neck be well-aligned. This creates an even distribution of pressure which is good in dealing with neck pain.

Secondly, have a good sleeping position. The choice of a pillow which you make needs to be correct. Find something which correctly aligns the head and neck. It needs to be perfectly fitting between the shoulders and head. A suitable position allows the flattening of the spinal muscles.


A diagnosis is the best option in knowing what is causing the neck pain. Specialists usually do a comprehensive physical examination as well as the monitoring of your medical history. This helps in identifying the trigger of the problem. There is also much focus on the current symptoms.

There are generally accurate diagnostic tests that help in pinpointing the issues well. These include the x-rays, CT scans, myelogram, discogram, electromyogram, and MRI scans. Such high precision is what results in perfection in the actual treatment. The doctor can know which specific points to target when undertaking the procedures.


At top-notch facilities, the team considers more conservative treatments which are known to bring promising results. One of the methods is acupuncture which helps relieve the pressure at the muscles around the neck and upper back. The other options involve physical therapy and medication. If these approaches are not bringing the much-needed result, the medics may consider other effective choices. For instance, they can think of robotic surgeries or minimally invasive procedures.

Experiencing neck problems is not easy. The discomfort and sharp pain can lower the quality of your life. Specific leading causes bring about pain, such as muscle strain. This happens when you fail to keep a good posture. If you want to deal with neck pain efficiently, seek help from a specialist. They offer a plethora of services, from conservative to modern techniques.

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