The New York Post posits that half of the American population cover their mouth while laughing or smiling because they feel insecure about smiling. Unfortunately, on average, one laughs about eight times a day, which means it is costly for such individuals to be confident to socialize showing their teeth freely. In case you are one of them that feels embarrassed and unconfident to smile, then worry no more! James Butler DMD, and his team of professional specialists at the Innovative Dental Ideas, have profound knowledge and experience in ensuring you restore the vibrancy in your smile. Hilliard teeth whitening procedures are effectively done to meet your unique dental needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Teeth Whitening

What Is Professional Teeth Whitening?

Professional teeth whitening is a dental procedure that a trained dental physician provides. The procedure aims at restoring your teeth to be sparkling white and keeping your enamel healthy from discoloration or stains.

What Causes Teeth Discoloration or Staining?

Sticking to some unhealthy diets and lifestyle habits like the ones listed below could highly result in teeth discoloration or staining.

  • Poor oral hygiene like at-home care, which is improper cleaning of your teeth regularly.
  • Regular consumption of foods such as deep-colored veggies, beverages such as soda, coffee, dark-colored fruit juices, and berries.
  • Lifestyle habits such as tobacco products and smoking cigarettes.
  • In case you are exposed to some antibiotics while you are below eight years.
  • High blood pressure and antipsychotics medications could also cost your teeth to be dingy and dull.
  • Age: as you age, your teeth gradually become thin, exposing the dentin that naturally yellows as years go by.
  • Inheritance trait: genetically, you can also inherit dental conditions such as transparency or teeth porousness from your parents or relatives.

What Are the Benefits of In-Office Teeth Whitening Procedures?

  • The results are immediately due to strong and fast working agents whitening the overall teeth’ appearance.
  • Managed whitening offers an even and consistent look.
  • The outcome of the in-office procedures is durable and stands up for your habits.
  • The procedure is safe and gentle. Moreover, it gives protection to your gum tissues and teeth enamel.

How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

At Innovative Dental Ideas, we give you the best in-office experience that revolutionizes your Smile in a single office visit. We feature the use of the most modern technological services such as Smile Perfected. The Smile Perfected’s Prophy Plus teeth whitening systems implores the use of pre-filled whitening trays that are fit in your mouth, giving you comfort with relaxed jaws during the dental procedure.

The whitening gel (has a pleasant taste) penetrates your teeth’ stains, breaking down the dark pigmentation to give you a whiter sparkling smile. While the trays perform their magic, Dr. James will be stimulating a special ingredient in the gel using LED light by simply shining it on them. The ingredient speeds and boosts the effectiveness of the whitening process in about 20 minutes.

Dr. James will eventually give you a Smile Perfected Whitening Pen to maintain the white vibrancy and longer rejuvenations.

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