Most people think that dentures are just for the old. The truth is that they are more important than you think. These removable dental appliances replace missing teeth and help in your smiling and eating experiences. Dentures will be of benefit to you whether your loss of a tooth or teeth is due to an injury, decay, or disease.  People who have missing teeth may think that dentures are high maintenance, uncomfortable, and prevent them from eating certain types of food. Such worries are easily fixed when you get the right dentures. By visiting dentures in Falls Church, you can get a solution to your lost teeth and regain your smile and eating habits.

What are the different types of dentures?

Complete full dentures

These dentures are suitable for people who lost all their teeth; they are used to replace all the lost teeth in a patient’s mouth. These dentures are designed to be fitted on top of the gums. You can order complete full dentures two weeks after the extraction of your last tooth, and they will be installed ten weeks later.

Partial dentures

Your doctor will advise you to get partial dentures when you have some natural teeth left, like a few molars in the upper jaw and some in the lower jaw, and it becomes difficult to chew. The partial dentures are made with a pink plastic base connected to a metal piece. The denture will be held in place by these two pieces. These types of dentures are convenient because you can remove them when you want. Partial dentures keep the natural teeth in place by preventing them from shifting or moving.

Immediate dentures

These types of dentures are made quickly and placed immediately after the natural teeth are removed. There are some precautions to take like you should not have other cavities, and the dentist should take proper measurements so that they can be made and worn on the same day the teeth are removed.

Custom made dentures

These dentures look more like natural teeth because they are made of expensive ceramic or porcelain materials.

Implant-supported dentures

A dental implant supports the denture, which will be used to provide proper support to the dentures when they sit on the implant securely. These types of implants last longer than other types.

Snap indentures

These are stable dentures because they are supported by dental implants or anchored to the existing teeth. These dentures are fitted with locator attachments to help them snap onto locator receptors. It makes them convenient to remove and put on when necessary. Snap-in dentures are only used when you have enough bone density to support the implant.

Other types of dentures include; overdentures, economy dentures, fixed bridges, and cantilever bridges. Visit your dentist and ask for a denture that suits your needs. They will examine your teeth and gums before offering fitting dentures.

How do I care for my dentures?

  •   Daily cleaning to remove plaque and food particles.
  •   A regular brush with a special denture brush and washing liquid.
  •   Repair broken dentures

If you want your teeth issues solved with fully functioning teeth that look so much like natural teeth, visit your dentist at Gentle Touch Dental PC.

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