Wisdom teeth are a set of molars that usually emerges and forms during the late teenage and young adulthood years. It causes severe discomfort, but there are situations where a wisdom tooth will fully develop without any eruptions. 

In most cases, doctors recommend removing your wisdom teeth despite no signs of discomfort or pain to avoid future dental complications which can form due to the presence of the wisdom teeth. 

Hence, if you are struggling with wisdom teeth, it is advised to contact Dr. Shebani Pahwa Arora, who can help you and let you know if the removal of your wisdom teeth is necessary. 

The necessity of a wisdom tooth removal:

  • Teeth Sensitivity 

Although it is common for a person to have tooth sensitivity, you should pay attention to where exactly in the dental area it is sensitive. Usually, it occurs when there is contact in the back of a person’s mouth while chewing or eating something. 

  • Impacting the Jawbones

Wisdom teeth do not always grow in the same direction. They can grow in any way where it finds space or a gap to fit in, so it can also impact the jawbones in case it grows sideways. It can cause damage to the jawbones when the person starts to experience pain.

  • Infected Gums

Due to the irregular shaping of wisdom teeth, it can inflame the gums, and the formation of cysts on the gums can also occur due to the presence of a wisdom tooth. The inflamed gums can cause tooth decay and result in cavities on the nearby teeth, causing pain.

  • Issues Relating to Sinus

Issues like congestion and sinus can arise due to an eruption of a wisdom tooth. It is known that there is an intersecting connection between the nose and the mouth. So, an impact from wisdom teeth can also cause sinus problems. 

  • Damaging Another Tooth

Usually, the regular teeth structure has an accurate positioning, and the emerging wisdom tooth can cause damage to the nearby tooth. This might urge you to get another treatment when getting a wisdom tooth removal where the dentist will have to straighten the impacted tooth.

Therefore, a wisdom tooth is recommended to be removed if the person experiences any of the above-listed problems. A wisdom tooth grows unexpectedly at any time from the age of 16-21. 

Even if a person is doubtful about getting his wisdom tooth removed, he can consult a dentist to get professional advice about wisdom tooth removal in general.

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