As we age, it is more likely that our teeth will begin to exhibit some degree of decay. If you are interested in avoiding this issue and maintaining your oral health, a dental implant could be right for you. An implant is a permanent and integral part of the jawbone and surrounding bone tissue to replace missing teeth or prevent further tooth decay. You must consult the Delray Beach dental implants specialists for the best implants and your better oral health.

How Can a Dental Implant Benefit Your Teeth?

  1. Pain Relief 

Implants can relieve tooth pain or nerve damage by replacing missing teeth and bad teeth. It is a fast and effective way of providing pain relief to those who have suffered from tooth decay because it relieves the bone against which the tooth is implanted, allowing for the growth of new bone tissue around the implant’s root. This helps to return your body’s natural gum line, which will help relieve chewing forces during chewing. This is why implants are more successful at feeling discomfort than most other removable dentures; they are more like natural teeth than false teeth.

  • Better Chewing Ability

Implants are excellent at recovering the biting forces caused by teeth missing. This allows your jaw to move more naturally, which improves your ability to chew food efficiently.

  • Resulting Health Benefits

No other form of removable dentures can take the place of natural teeth, but implants enable you to eat and drink safely whilst also providing you with the full range of motion to make chewing effortless.

  • Clarity 

When implants are fitted to replace missing teeth, this enables your teeth to be made simpler in shape and improve their appearance, meaning they take less time to clean, which means you will benefit from better oral hygiene.

  1. Appearance 

When a dental implant is fitted to replace a missing tooth, the bone around the implant is made strong and healthy, which makes your teeth appear healthy and natural. This ensures that they will be stronger and more resistant to decay.

  1. Ability to Restore Function 

If a dental implant is fitted to replace a missing tooth, it enables you to resume everyday activities, such as eating and drinking. This gives you immense satisfaction from being able to take care of both yourself and your loved ones in the way that you once did before you were affected by tooth decay or missing teeth.

Implants are very safe and reliable, with studies showing that more than 99% of implants are still functioning even after at least ten years.

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