Several factors can cause the need to replace many of your teeth at once, although they are designed to serve you a lifetime. Thanks to the advancements in the medical field, you can get multiple dental implants in one day and go home a happy person with a completely transformed smile. Campbell teeth-in-a-day specialists at Ueno Center Dental Specialists can fulfill your desire to restore your smile in just a day. The team of board-certified periodontists and dental implant surgeons is highly skilled and experienced in this field, and they make it a reality even when some people out there think it is a myth.

Understanding Teeth-in-a-Day

If you wonder how you can have all your missing teeth replaced, it is time to get real help. The teeth-in-a-day service may be all you need. The procedure involves your dental surgeon and a restorative specialist’s collaborative efforts to offer you lower law, upper jaw, or whole mouth restoration, depending on your unique needs. You get to go home with a complete set of temporary teeth you will have for several months as your jawbone heals, and then temporary teeth will be placed once you are healed to offer a new permanent smile.

Who is it for?

Anyone missing a significant number of teeth or will soon undergo teeth extraction should consider teeth in a day. However, healthy individuals who opt to proceed with the treatment procedure immediately after tooth loss have high success chances.

How Teeth in a Day Works

As mentioned earlier, teeth in a day procedures make it possible for you to go home with everything you need, unlike the traditional implant process, which can take up to nine months. Your provider will carry out several evaluations and exams to determine if you are a good candidate for the procedure. Once verified, a CT scan for your current jaw bone is necessary to indicate where the implants will be placed.

Generally, the procedure involves two restorations; temporary restoration and permanent restoration. Temporary restoration begins when your damaged teeth are removed and dental posts are put in place. Temporary restorations are then placed in a position to allow your bone time to heal.

Once the implants have healed, you go back to receive the abutments and the attachment pieces. Impressions are also made to craft your final restorations, which will be fitted soon after they are manufactured.

After the Procedure

After your implants are put in place, you will take several months to heal. During this time, it would be best to keep in touch with your provider to ensure your healing is going well. Besides, you can use this time to learn how to live with the implants and maintain them for a long time through special care.

Benefits of Teeth in a Day Procedure

This revolutionary procedure comes with several fantastic benefits when performed right and by experienced providers. You will experience no time without teeth which will help you retain your facial shape, clear speech, and chewing function. The temporal replacements offer additional protection as the implants fuse with your jaw bone. The results are natural-looking, and you will feel the confidence to share your smile throughout the treatment process and after the procedure.

There is more to explore about Teeth in a day consultation, and the Ueno Center Dental Specialists team can help you. Book an appointment today and begin your life-changing process.

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