There are different reasons why one might want their tooth extracted. Some of the most common reasons include; getting rid of damaged teeth due to decay, preventing tooth overcrowding, and handling periodontal infections, among others. Despite the process being simple, you might find yourself a little anxious before you visit the dentist. Adults find shedding teeth a bit scary as it is a bit troublesome, but it becomes easier when you fully prepare yourself. You will equip yourself with all that needs to be done when preparing for a tooth extraction once you complete this article. Find all information about teeth procedures at Tarzana tooth extractions.

How to prepare yourself for a tooth extraction

  1. Engage with a dentist

It would be best to inquire with a dentist if extraction is a solution for your tooth issue. The dentist will then elaborate on the advantages and disadvantages of this procedure. Please ensure you ask all burning queries you have to ensure you are set for the surgery. Be keen to know the pre-and post-operation guidelines you should follow as you prepare for the process.

  1. Avoid eating before the extraction.

It is advisable to avoid eating for at least 12 hours before the surgery commences. This keeps you safe from nausea on completion. Local anesthetics do not require you to starve, but it would help if you inquired first. Patients with diabetes should make their condition elaborated to the doctor, as they should not fast. Avoid smoking 14 hours to the operation and at least 24 hours on completion. It is recommendable to avoid smoking forever after this extraction because it slows down your healing process.

  1. Sort out your transportation and care

It is hard to drive yourself after this procedure. Most people, however, hope to hop in their automobiles and head home after doses of anesthesia. It leads to impaired reflexes, and you should not operate machinery in that condition. It would help to have a person or relative to drive you home, and if that becomes impossible, you might consider taking a taxi. Take some time off work and have someone watch over you at night. Have someone cook soft meals for you so that you won’t have the task of cooking.

  1. Dress appropriately

It will help if you wear comfortable clothes for this surgery. Ensure you put loose clothes as you head for the surgery. Suppose you have IV drips; it would be best to put on loose shirts. The majority of dentists might want you to wear something old, but that has no stains. Avoid jewels and dark lipstick. To ensure your lips are well moisturized, you should carry Chapstick along with you.

  1. Avoid stressing

Tooth surgeries make most people nervous, but you should trust your dentist because they are well equipped to handle the procedure.


Tooth surgery is a painful process that needs time to recover, but you will end with a painless smile in no time. Ensure you take the medicine prescribed after the surgery to ensure you heal completely.

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