No matter how often we are assured that personality matters more than looks, there is no denying that physical appearance still does matter most of the time. No wonder most people, especially women, spend hours in front of the mirror and making sure their eyebrows are on fleek. People also aim to have beach bodies — the faster they can achieve it, the better.

On the one hand, you can visit an MD diet clinic in Salt Lake City and seek advice on how you can get a slimmer body effectively. Unfortunately, a lot of people still prefer shortcuts even if it is not scientifically proven to be as effective. In the worst cases, these so-called weight loss methods can even lead to further health complications. One of the most popular weight loss methods nowadays is yo-yo dieting.

What is yo-yo dieting?

Also referred to as “weight cycling”, yo-yo dieting refers to the cycle of losing, gaining, and then gaining weight again. Hence, the term “yo-yo” dieting which is usually done both by men and women, although this is more popular among the latter. While yo-yo dieting can be effective in faster weight loss, it may lead to health problems in the long run.

It is true that losing weight is harder than gaining it. However, some people resort to desperate measures just to achieve weight loss in a short amount of time. Instead of enjoying the benefits of faster weight loss, yo-yo dieting can do more harm to the body than good.

Dangers of yo-yo dieting

You may already have been doing yo-yo dieting for some time now. However, it is best to be careful of its potential dangers that can harm your health in the long run. Here are some potential risk of doing a yo-yo diet.

  1. Muscle loss

Yo-yo dieting can cause muscle loss. Also, fat regains more easily than muscles following weight loss. Muscle loss also means a decrease in physical strength. That is why experts recommend regular exercise as part of your weight loss routine instead of simply starving yourself.

  1. Fatty liver

Weight cycling can also lead to fatty liver and liver disease in the worst cases. This condition occurs when there is fat accumulation inside the liver cells. Having a fatty liver means a higher risk of obesity, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes.

  1. Increased appetite

Fat loss causes your tendency as if you are always hungry. The more you lose fat, the more leptin levels decrease and cause appetite increase. Leptin is the hormone that helps make you feel full. Decreased levels of leptin means you will feel hungrier and tend to eat more, hence the weight gain.

  1. Frustration

Yo-yo dieting can make you feel frustrated because your efforts to lose weight seemed to be in vain once you have gained weight again.

Losing weight can be one of the hardest challenges one has to undertake. However, it is still possible to lose weight safely and more effectively. Some things you should do if you want to lose that excess weight is by eating healthier foods and having regular exercise. Not only you can achieve a better-looking body but also a healthier and happier mind.

Meta Title: 4 Reasons You Should Not Do Yo-Yo Dieting

Meta Description: People also aim to lose weight as fast as possible. However, it can do more harm to your body than good.


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