A good doctor manages to differentiate the time needed by each patient because of their need, the qualities of a good doctor lies in their desire and passion.

Availability and good disposition

  • One of the first things parents should consider when choosing a doctor is the willingness to make and change baby’s appointments.
  • They must respect the rules that the medical center has, in case they want to cancel an appointment.
  • In some places, if you do not notify in advance that you will not be able to attend an appointment, full attention or a percentage of it will be charged and write a good prescription for treatment.

Respect for time

  • Before choosing a doctor you should ask what is the estimated average time between one consultation and another.
  • In some consultations the waiting times can be very long, while in others it is considered an approximate time per patient.
  • In some doctors, the individualized attention of each one of their patients is evident as a unique case, dedicating the time that is necessary to guarantee the best care.
  • A good doctor manages to differentiate the time that each patient needs because of their need; a child with a severe cold is not the same as a person with a deep depression.
  • On the other hand, the medical and administrative personnel of the healthcare center must treat their patients well, especially if the wait is longer for their care. The doctors have the responsibility to choose people who handle perfectly a good treatment to the public.

Credentials and certified affiliations

Nowadays, anyone can have innumerable diplomas in their offices with honors and credentials that can impress anyone, but these diplomas do not necessarily guarantee the quality of the doctor to consult.

Consultation with several or a single doctor

  • An important detail to consider is whether the doctor is the only one who attends the consultation or there is a medical body in it.
  • A medical center with a team of specialists is recommended, in some cases it is convenient because they can comment on the cases, ask questions and resolve any concerns together.
  • Another advantage of group medical practice is the possibility of accessing more options, both care and emergencies.

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