Many women wonder when menopause will hit and how the experience will be. You get all sorts of thoughts, wondering if you will get hot flashes or insomnia, if they will be irritable or what other physical or emotional changes to expect. However, the truth is, they may not experience any of these symptoms. Many women think that menopause is an awful experience and dread the day it all starts. On the contrary, for some women, the transition from having a period to not having one can be without any classic signs. If you are experiencing or expect to experience menopause in Houston soon, you may want to equip yourself with the facts to make the right decisions concerning your health. As such, here we debunk some of the top menopause myths you should know;

After menopause, the body does not produce hormones anymore

This could not be further from the truth since hormones are always traveling throughout your body all of your life. It is the best way of keeping complex processes in balance like growth, metabolism, and fertility. While ovaries stop estrogen production during menopause, they continue to produce testosterone which gets converted into estrogen. Please note that estrogen production decreases at menopause, but it varies from one person to the other.

Menopause is awful

One of the most popular misconceptions about menopause is that it is awful, painful, embarrassing, or unnoticeable. If you have menopause, it is not as bad as it may sound. Sometimes, the symptoms may crop up suddenly and be harsh, or they could come on gradually. On the other hand, some symptoms may be very mild and grow more intense over time. Likewise, before menopause, you may experience less regular menstrual periods for months, or they can cut off completely. They could also start and then stop erratically.

At menopause, you have to add weight

While it is true that decreasing estrogen will result in a collapse of metabolism, that does not mean you are bound to add weight. With a balanced, healthy diet and routine workouts, you can manage this decrease in metabolism. When you hit menopause, you may want to consider cutting back on those prepared carbs and sweet additives and keeping your blood glucose balanced. Ensure you control your diet and make some lifestyle changes, and weight will not be an issue.

Menopause means your sex life is over

There are bound to be some changes as you age, but that does not mean you cannot enjoy your sex life. While your ovaries shut down and estrogen drops as well, you get less blood flow to the vaginal tissue. This often brings some dryness which is why at menopause, most people complain they are not enjoying their sex life. However, with lubrication and low-dose vaginal estrogen therapy, you can enjoy your sex life deep into menopause.

If you are approaching or have already hit menopause, you should know it could be the next evolution in your life. It could also be an exciting time when you try new challenges or seek new opportunities. Do not believe the bad things you hear about menopause. Every woman has a different experience, and it does not have to be all bad.

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