We have all heard a horror story set in the doctor’s office. Maybe you’ve lived one yourself. Seeing a doctor can be a vulnerable, intimate, and sometimes worrisome experience. This is why it is of the utmost importance that you find a doctor you trust and respect, and in turn, one who trusts and respects you. There is much more that goes into a positive visit to the doctor than simply an answer or solution to a health question. As a patient, we want to feel safe, valued, and listened to. Often, at a big and busy practice, these aspects are overlooked, and this results in a patient feeling undervalued and perhaps will come away with an unpleasant feeling. Finding a doctor and hospital that suits your needs and makes you feel safe and comfortable is one of the most important decisions you must make when dealing with a medical issue

General Practice in South Melbourne

When searching for a GP, you want a doctor who focuses on their patients’ specific needs, and providing an environment that is not only professional, but also understanding and safe. It is important to find a practice that is committed to delivering comprehensive and confidential medical care, and can assist with a variety of different health issues and individual patient needs. Find a practice that is committed to providing safe and high quality care for their patients, and is an AGPAL Accredited General Practice. An AGPAL accreditation means that a practice meets the requirements of governing industry standards, set by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners. This accreditation is only awarded when a practice demonstrates providing patient safety, continuous quality improvements, and delivering high quality patient care. If you’re looking for a doctor in South Melbourne that encompasses friendliness, professionalism, and a caring environment, look no further than Star Health in South Melbourne or Prahran.

Specialist Doctors and Hospitals 

Choosing hospitals and specialist doctors can be a stressful experience. When dealing with a specific medical issue, it is important to select the right doctor for the job. Not only do you want someone who has experience in the area you require treatment, you also must feel confident in their abilities to treat your condition. One of the best ways to make the right selection is to get recommendations from friends and family members, or from your GP. Your doctor will be able to suggest an appropriate specialist for you, however some patients may prefer to do their own research to find the best match.

In Victoria, after being admitted into a public hospital, the patient may choose to be treated as either a private or a public patient. This decision will be influenced by whether the patient has private health insurance. If a private patient is admitted into a public hospital, they may have the choice as to which specialist treats them, and may receive reimbursement for some medical costs. Alternatively, a patient with private health care may choose to be admitted into a private hospital, which may result in additional fees incurred. There is a number of criteria that should be considered when choosing a hospital and specialist doctor. For example, if the patient is seeking elective surgery, a different hospital and doctor may be a better fit than that of an emergency or required surgery.

Doctor Aftercare

Aftercare refers to any follow up appointments a patient might require following surgery or a hospital stay. This may include checkups, medication, counselling, and sometimes dressing changes or stitch removal.  Aftercare is often just as important as the initial treatment, as it will often be the difference between recovering well or not. When selecting a doctor, aftercare is one of the aspects that must be considered. If you are getting recommendations for doctors from family or friends, it is important to ask about their aftercare. When considering aftercare, it is also vital to find a doctor you can trust to give you all relevant information you will require as well as provide you with detailed answers to your questions.

Choosing a GP, specialist doctor, or hospital is an important decision that must be thoroughly thought through before any action is taken. If you are in the position where you must make such a decision, take on board all the aspects listed above before making a selection. While your GP can recommend you to an appropriate specialist and hospital, it is integral that you are happy with the decision that is made. This will mean that doing your own research and consulting with others you know who have been in a similar position before making a decision.


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