Did you ever feel severely depressed for 4 days consecutively? If answered yes, you might have just met the criteria for possessing a major depressive disorder. Some forms of major depression are persistence depressive disorder, bipolar disorder or even unipolar depression. The first few steps that you can take is probably to do a thorough research of the symptoms that you’re having, opt for a few tests and then start reading an online chat for depression. There are several different chat rooms where you can join to go through the discussions.

This a much better alternative which involves low stress as you don’t have to sit in front of a doctor and discuss your issues face-to-face. All over the globe, there is a tendency of denying feelings of depression due to the stigma that is associated with mental health disorders.

Are depression chat rooms a safe alternative?

Depression chat rooms are definitely one of the safest alternatives, based on theory. You don’t need to confront anyone and hence you can just read the observations of other people, their experiences and their feelings. In case you don’t find it convenient enough to visit a mental health professional in person, the best and the safest option is to attend depression chat rooms. Don’t just keep ignoring your symptoms and allowing your negative feelings to spread sooner. Research reveals that all types of support-group therapy, whether in person or online can have a certain positive impact on the person who is suffering from minor or major depression.

What do researches reveal?

Psych Central published several studies which proved the effectiveness of such self-help groups. One more study was done in the year 1988 which saw that among the mental health patients, only 10% of them who were from group therapy discussion had to be re-hospitalized. There are similar studies which spoke or noteworthy results arriving from multiple therapy groups like bereavement, diabetes and weight loss.

There are many groups which think that online chat can’t ever provide the entire benefit of joining a face-to-face therapy group as that would have other social benefits as well. Nevertheless, according to a study revealed in 2015, even the online support groups or the depression chat rooms were a much better control group.

What will the agent in the depression chat room want to know?

Once you join the depression chat room, the agent there will want to know few things like:

  • To what extent are you safe or how extreme are your thoughts of self-harm?
  • Your own thoughts
  • Your emotional state
  • The severity of your depression and
  • Whether or not you get suicidal thoughts

Therefore, whenever you’re wondering about whether or not depression chat rooms can help you out, you should take into account the above mentioned details.

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