With all the benefits that hemp oil possesses, it is evident that the body needs this product than any other oil available. Thanks to nextHemp technology, gone are the days where one would be required to take more than the required amount of the oil for the required amount to be absorbed in the blood stream. 95% of the oil can now be absorbed enabling the body to fully benefit from the oil. Many people do not fully understand about the said Hemp oil. Listed below are several the most commonly asked questions and their answers.


What is Hemp oil?


Hemp oil is just one of the many compounds found in the Cannabis plant. Hemp oil, which is alternatively known as CBD comes second in the most commonly, used CBD products. It has been proven that the product benefits the body in many ways like; controlling appetite, improving sleep, boosting immunity, balancing of hormones, controlling mood swings among others.

Is Hemp Oil Illegal?


The issue of whether hemp oil is legal or illegal arises from the fact that most people relate it with marijuana. Hemp oil has numerous advantages and to put the cherry on the ice-cream, it is very much legal. Hemp contains very minimal THC level and hence cannot be used as an illegal drug neither can one be addicted from taking it.

What makes hemp non-psychoactive is the fact that it is not attracted to CB1 receptors. These are the receptors in a human body that make one feel high. A human has CB1 and CB2 cannabinoid receptors. These are mainly located in the immune system and in the brain but are also found in other parts of the body. The CB1 receptors, which are related with appetite, memory, pain, sleep and moods, are the ones that are affected by marijuana. On the other hand, hemp is more attracted to the CB2 receptors which are found in the immune system and are best known for their anti-inflammatory effects.

How Can One Benefit From CBD?

Numerous researches have proved that Hemp oil has several benefits with just a few listed below.

  • Helps in reducing seizures
  • It is a great controller of the nervous system
  • Improves sleep
  • It is a good anti inflammatory
  • Improves relaxations and reduces depression
  • It is a hormonal balancing agent


Which is the Best Form to Take CBD?

Depending on your reason for using CBD hemp oil, the product comes in many forms. For instance, it is in; capsule, liquid, gummy and can also be taken as an oral spray. However, people are advised that when using it in meal preparation, direct heating should be avoided.

What Are the Side Effects of CBD?


Rarely has the product been found to have side effects. However, research has shown that though on rare occasions, an individual might experience diarrhea, appetite alterations and drowsiness after taking CBD hemp oil.

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