Nearly 4 million Americans wear braces at some point in life.

Dentists advise adults to observe regular dental checkups at least twice a year. Do you know why? It’s because teeth are prone to many illnesses and irregularities which require careful examination.

Some teeth may be misaligned; others may have overbites, gaps, and other severe conditions. During the dental checkups, dentists check for all these conditions and might send you to an orthodontist for advanced checkups.

An experienced orthodontist rectifies all the irregularities in your jaws or teeth to restore your self-confidence and improve your general health. If you have never scheduled an appointment with an orthodontist, there are multiple reasons why you should do so.

Here are the top five reasons.

  1. To Have Your Teeth Straightened

Teeth straightening is the main reason why you should see an orthodontist. By checking yourself in the mirror, you can tell whether your teeth are straight or not.

An orthodontist can examine them and give you braces based on the misalignment severity. Here are the common cases on when to seek orthodontic treatment for teeth straightening:

Abnormal Teeth Loss

Several things can make you lose your teeth. Maybe you have been involved in an accident, or it’s an illness. Whatever the reason is, an experienced orthodontist can prevent further teeth loss by giving you the best braces.

Based on the tooth loss cause, the expert may also recommend other methods to prevent further tooth loss.

Overcrowded Teeth

Teeth are said to be overcrowded when the available gum space is too small for the available teeth. Overcrowding may result in the development of crooked teeth that grow under the rest of the teeth. A great orthodontist can help you if you have been struggling with this issue.

Misaligned Jaws

Both the upper and lower jaws should align perfectly. Sadly, some people don’t have this perfect alignment, meaning that the facial structure is not perfect.

A misaligned jaw may cause other secondary health problems if not corrected in time. Also, the misalignment may cause over-bites and under-bites. You can seek the help of an orthodontist to get rectification.

  1. To Improve Your Child’s Health

Did you know that the child’s teeth or jaws’ alignment may affect the child’s overall health? The primary role of teeth is to chew feed. A problem affecting the teeth means that the child will not be taking their meals well, and poor feeding can cause health problems.

An orthodontic visit can relieve your child of any oral issues and boost general health. For instance, a child who always sucks the thumb or other fingers might develop open bites. Open bites may cause a chewing problem and cause poor body health.

Similarly, teeth misalignment issues may cause speech delay issues to the child. Sleeping problems can arise too because the baby will be breathing through the mouth.

As a parent, you may never know that the problem comes from the mouth unless you consult an orthodontist. The expert can inspect the child’s dental arrangement to identify and underlying problems and find a long-lasting solution.

So, don’t ignore a child who shows signs of dental problems. Schedule an appointment with a dental expert to get the child’s braces and helpful advice.

  1. To Know the Best Teeth Alignment Options For Your Style

Gone are the days when the traditional metal braces were the only option for people with misaligned teeth. Nowadays, both kids and adults can enjoy a wide array of braces.

You can visit an orthodontist if you need help choosing the right teeth alignment option for your teeth. For instance, if you need braces, the expert can tell you more about the available types of braces to help you choose the most suitable for your style.

The main types of braces include the Invisalign braces, ceramic braces, palatal expanders, etc. Besides the braces, the dental expert can recommend other treatment methods that you can consider depending on your age, style, and preferences.

  1. To Improve Your Smile and Self Esteem

A smile creates the first impression of a person. If you don’t have straight teeth, the chances are high that you always fear smiling in front of people.

Luckily, an orthodontist can restore your smile within the shortest time possible. Through careful examinations of your teeth, the expert may give you both short-term and long term remedies to make sure that you smile with confidence.

For instance, if you have a gap between your front teeth, the expert may use braces to bring your teeth together.

And if you don’t like the idea of having visible braces, you can choose the hidden or the Invisalign braces to keep your orthodontic treatment discreet. Even when you smile, no one can notice your braces unless they are too keen or too close to you.

Visit the nearest orthodontic center if you don’t like your teeth’ current configuration or if you would like a dental cleaning procedure.

  1. To Reduce the Possibility of Future Oral Issues

The last reason for visiting an orthodontist is to reduce the future possibility of oral issues.

All dental experts, including orthodontists, advise adults and kids on how to take care of their teeth. From wearing the braces to storing them, an orthodontist can teach you several tips to keep your braces in excellent condition.

Clean and well-kept orthodontic braces facilitate the teeth alignment process and reduce the risk of infections.

Visit an Experienced Orthodontist Today

Orthodontists are well trained to handle teeth and jaw misalignment issues in both adults and kids. Don’t live with crooked teeth or let your child suffer while you can help.

Find an experienced orthodontist to help you. Confirm that the expert has more than three years’ experience and is well trained and reputable.

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