Of all the white goods we rely on in the kitchen, it’s likely that our fridge is the one we use the most, depending on it to store food safely and avoid waste.

Unfortunately, many fridges don’t work as well as they should because they are too full, badly organised or not as clean as they should be. If this sounds familiar, take a look at these top tips for enjoying a clean and efficient fridge once more.

Tip 1: Learn which areas are best for different kinds of food.

People tend to keep milk in the door, but this area experiences many temperature changes, so it’s best for low-risk items like open sauce bottles or drinks.

Tip 2: Label different areas of the fridge.

This makes it easy for everyone using it to get things right without much effort. Fruit and vegetables items should be kept in different drawers, with uncooked meats on a shelf at the bottom of the fridge and cooked meats stored on the shelf above them.

Tip 3: Use storage boxes.

Open storage boxes are great for gathering together bits and pieces like wrapped cheese that doesn’t need to be in a sealed container. It’s also easier to move items around in the fridge and avoid losing food at the back.

Tip 4: Always date and label open food.

Once sealed in a storage box, make a note of what it is and the date you put it into the fridge. Check online for its shelf life later if necessary.

Tip 5: Get creative with condiments.

Most fridges are half full with opened bottles and jars of sauce, chutney, and jam. They take up a lot of space and are generally awkward to store. An open storage basket or a lazy Susan will make them accessible while keeping them neat.

Why not show off your tidy, clean fridge to the world with a glass door refrigerator? There are plenty of places to buy one, such as
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The fridge is a truly amazing invention, and when used properly, it boosts food safety and reduces meal preparation time. This makes it worth the effort to have it work just right.

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