If you attend the gym or workout regularly but get bored easily or have failed to achieve your body goals, then Muay Thai is what you need. From stubborn fat that will not respond to diet or exercise to wanting to experience something different in the realm of fitness, Muay Thai is a challenging combat sport that has been introduced as a high-level fitness program. More women are becoming part of the trend towards achieving their best health and lasting balance in their lives.

Muay Thai Helps You Lose Weight Quickly

For women, the topic of weight loss is often met with sensitivity, uncertainty and a need to achieve better physical results. Unfortunately, you can put yourself to the test at the gym and restrict your diet only to be left with stubborn fat across the abdomen, thighs and underarms.

Muay Thai is a combat sport that significantly improves your cardiovascular function. It is a whole-body workout involving the upper and the lower body. Performing Muay Thai in an hour-long class can facilitate loss weight of between 800 to 1000 calories. These numbers simply cannot be achieved with conventional exercise. Managing weight and preventing obesity can also help protect against chronic ailments associated with excessive weight gain and an imbalanced lifestyle.

Your Muay Thai trainer will also support you by keeping your motivated and only demanding the very best in every performance. Students of a Muay Thai program often push past their perceived limits with shock and awe at what they have been able to achieve. For faster weight loss and investing in the challenge, Muay Thai workouts can help you achieve the body shape you have always dreamed of.

Teaches Self-Defence

Muay Thai is a traditional art form that was used many years ago by great Asian warriors. The purpose of the footwork, jabs, kicks and punches was to use the body as a weapon. These traditional techniques are prominent in today’s Muay Thai classes. Women can benefit from learn how to defend themselves in difficult or threatening situations.

Pushes You to Overcome Your Limits

A Muay Thai program may start with a 2 to 3-hour warm-up before you begin learning any martial arts. You may be pushed to your breaking point and not wish to continue. With the motivation and the expectations set by your trainer, you will soon learn that you can overcome the obstacles placed before you. Muay Thai teaches perseverance, patience and incredible mental strength.

Join Chalong Muay Thai Program in Thailand

Muay Thai originated in Thailand and has become the most popular health and fitness program attracting thousands of international participants throughout the year. The techniques are introduced and performed at a Muay Thai training camp in Thailand. You are provided the opportunity to learn more about the Thai culture, the foundation for the sport and the incredible health results you can achieve. Muay Thai at http://www.chalongmuaythai.com is great for weight loss, strength, and confidence. In Thailand, you can learn from the very best and authentic instructors at a Muay Thai training camp.

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