Preventive measures are always better and cheaper than seeking treatment. Therefore, adopting a lifestyle that will help you achieve this goal is essential to living a good life. However, if you are already overweight, have pre-existing diseases, or mental and emotional problems, you should not give up. Dr. Suri is an Ashburn wellness specialist who helps you to manage most of these diseases and get back on the road to a healthy lifestyle.

Below are practical ways you can adopt to help you prevent lifestyle diseases:

Watch weight

This is obviously the first well-known trick to wellness. Obesity has been linked to very many health conditions, such as heart problems and venous problems. If you are already overweight, the first step is to ensure you do not gain extra weight. After that, you can now start your journey to lose excess weight. Effective ways to lose weight include adding vegetables, fruits, and grains to your diet, investing more time in regular exercises, and eating smaller portions at a time. Children should also limit how much time they spend on TV and computers as it is usually the starting point of weight issues.

Avoid smoking

If you are already smoking, quit and if you have not started, do not. Smoking has numerous negative health implications, including respiratory diseases and circulatory problems such as heart conditions. According to research, approximately a thousand Americans completely quit smoking daily. If you are having trouble quitting smoking independently, talk to a specialist for help. You can also join programs and support groups for peer support. Studies also show that smoking affects the passive smoker more than the active one. Therefore, parents should quit smoking to protect their children from lung diseases.

Adopt a healthy diet

Eating many preserved foods and fats could increase your risk of having high cholesterol levels in the body. Diet could also cause diabetes and increased weight. Thus, diet is another essential step to a healthy life. Fruits and vegetables should be included in every diet. Also, whole grain cereals, olive oil, and white meat could be a better substitute for unhealthy fats and snacks. Vitamins should also be added to the diet to help the body grow stronger and fight diseases.

Watch on alcohol levels.

If at all you must drink, watch the level of alcohol and drink in moderation. Alcohol is the leading cause of liver problems. When your liver does not function as expected, you are at risk of other medical conditions. Specialists recommend one bottle for women and two for men. More than that could also cause cancer. Instead, shift to more nonalcoholic drinks and speak to a doctor if you have trouble with excessive drinking.


The secret to a healthy life is to increase movement. Make it a habit to get on the move. It helps to burn calories, avoid a buildup of bad cholesterol, and avoid excessive weight gain. Simple exercises should work. Also, walk or cycle regularly instead of taking a car.

Specialists at Nova Physician Wellness Center perform full exams, including lab tests and electrocardiograms to determine your health condition. They then begin treatment to restore balance and restore your healthy life. Book an appointment today for a customized program.


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