Having a family medicine specialist provides security and comfort since you have access to a trusted medical professional who can meet your family’s healthcare needs. The sole purpose of a family medicine specialist is to care for the whole family regardless of age. Whether the baby, grandparent, child, or parents are sick, a family physician conducts a diagnosis and highly personalized care for your entire family. Your family medicine physician in Santa Monica at GreenBridge Medical is dedicated to providing conservative and holistic methods of treatment and to clarify the process of therapy to his/her patients.

Why should I have a family doctor?

If you need medical assistance regarding symptoms of flu, chronic pain, and other medical conditions, the first person to contact is a family doctor. Here are some reasons why you should have a family doctor:

A family doctor keeps track of your life cycle.

Many family physicians treat a patient from infancy well into adulthood. Some doctors have reported that they treat the same patients for years or even decades. As you create a long-lasting relationship with your doctor, they will become quite familiar with you and your physical health.

Family physicians know your personal and family history.

When your family physician treats you for many years, they get to know your medical and family history. This helps them make the correct diagnosis, watch for potential health risks, and monitor any changes throughout your life. As the doctor provides care to the various generations of a family, it assists them in understanding a family’s comprehensive health history. When a doctor reviews a family member’s medical record, they will then know what is happening in the family. For instance, if the doctor knows you had cancer early, and a parent had it too, it is a red flag that will assist your physician take appropriate measures.

Family doctors have a variety of services.

Family physicians perform check-ups every year to help monitor and manage cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, arthritis, and other chronic conditions or ailments. They can also treat sinusitis, injuries, and provide care throughout pregnancy. In addition, the physician can perform minor surgeries, such as removing warts or a boil.

A family physician can help you find the right specialist.

When you need the treatment services for heart disease, cancer, mental health issues, or conditions requiring major surgery, a family doctor can help find the right specialist according to your needs.

A family physician can save lives and help you spend less.

There have been reports that using a family physician saves money spent on health care. The reports also indicated that if every household has a doctor, it reduces the number of admissions to hospitals by 5%. Therefore, apart from helping you save money, a family physician improves your family’s health; hence, there is no need for unnecessary spending while trying different medications. You and your family should have check-ups at least once a year for physical examination and screenings. During such check-ups, you will be able to ask questions and talk with your doctor about any health concerns you may have. If you or a family member are experiencing any health problem, please make an appointment with your family doctor for early diagnosis and treatment. Seeing a family physician helps you stay on top of your health so you can get the appropriate treatment you and your family need.


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