Fat grafting, also referred to as fat transfer, is a surgical procedure used in breast augmentation or breast reconstruction. It plays an important role in disguising an implant’s edges, providing fullness in the area or rippling of the implant. It is also used in radiation therapy of the breast to improve the changes associated with radiation therapy. An experienced specialist performs East Windsor fat grafting to ensure the desired results are met.

What is fat grafting?

Autologous fat transfer or fat grafting is a surgical procedure performed to improve your breast’s contours using fat from your body parts during breast reconstruction surgery. You can have fat grafting after your breast has been removed during a mastectomy or partial mastectomy. The health care specialist can also recommend fat grafting and other reconstruction techniques like flap reconstruction or breast implant. You may also require fat grafting after having radiation therapy for breast tumors to repair changes on your breast resulting from the treatment.

What happens during fat grafting?

During the fat grafting procedure, general anesthesia is given to you to ensure you are pain-free and comfortable. The health care provider then begins by removing fat from another part of your body, mainly the abdomen or thigh, where liposuction technology is used. Before the harvested fat is reinjected into the area to reconstruct your breast, it is first prepared. The main objective or goal of this surgery is to come up with the most natural-looking breast possible.

Since the graft’s success depends on the blood supply to the breast area, one may require more than one graft to achieve optimal results. Suppose you want to increase your breast size; you, therefore, may need multiple fat grafting procedures.

In another type of fat graft procedure, a Brava device which is an external expander is worn for several weeks before and after this surgery. The device is similar to a bra consisting of cones for cups where the role of the cones is to put suction on the breast areas to help expand the breast tissue and also create a matrix for the fat to live in. You are always recommended to wear these Brava devices so that you can maintain the volume of your breast.

What are the benefits of fat grafting?

The major importance of using fat grafting during breast reconstruction is to rebuild your breast using your tissue rather than breast implants. Even if the doctor uses the safest saline and silicone implants in reconstruction surgery, the use of your tissue greatly reduces some risks that lead to complications. Another benefit is that fats can be removed from the abdomen or thigh where they are not needed to be used in reconstructing your breast. Additionally, many women have also reported that fat-graft-reconstructed breasts have some sensation and feel soft, just like the unreconstructed breast.

In summary, are you interested in getting to know if you are a candidate for fat grafting as part of your breast reconstruction surgery, call or visit Mathew J. Lynch MD today for more information on other services available? You can also request a consultation online today where the fat grafting procedure will be properly explained to you.

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