Anyone who knows anything about dogs, knows that the best way to check the stake of his or her health is to run your hand across its nose or snout as it is known. If the snout is wet it is a sure sign that the dog is healthy and everything is functioning as it should be.There are also other external signs that a dog is healthy, if they is active or frisky or dull and lethargic, if their eyes are bright, and especially if their coats are sleek and shiny. A dog with a sleek and shiny coat is dog how is healthy. A dog that is healthy is a testament to their owners who make sure that they get the proper diet, not too much junk to eat and plenty of exercise which the average healthy dog will crave.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, whichever way you look at it human beings have neither snouts or furry coats. Despite that fact you can generally look at a human and see that all is not right with them of not. Their mucous may look dry and pasty; it may even be spotty even though they are well passed their adolescent years. What does this usually indicate? That all is not well with their digestive system, and their colon and bowel may well be clogged up with an accumulation of undigested grease and toxins. This accumulation will have been usually brought about by a culmination of three factors.1. A highly unhealthy diet based around fast foods and not drinking enough fresh water

2. Insufficient if not total lack of exercise.3. Exposure to toxics in the air or cigarette smoke.The only way a person can break free of this self imposed viscous circle of a poorly maintained digestive system is to begin a new healthy diet and exercise regime. The best way to signal the start of this new regime is having the colon thoroughly cleaning carried out. This will remove all the junk that is clogging up there and set this sickly looking individual looking live the human version of Lassie the wonder dog.

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