Is your child healthy? A superficial inspection does not reveal the tiny bacteria that cause illnesses in most kids. Our toddlers cannot comprehensively communicate their ailments owing to their elementary communication skills. Your child needs expert care centered on compassion and efficacy. San Pedro pediatrics provide round-the-clock child-inspired pediatric services. Child health is pivotal to a baby’s development and immunity. Harbor Community Health Center’s specialists offer a full scope of services to meet your child’s evolving health. Here’s how pediatric services help improve your child’s health.

What are pediatric services?

Pediatric services are child-centered medical procedures that evaluate, treat, and predict a child’s health. Your child will require pediatric services from birth through 18 years when they can start receiving standard adult medical care. Some of the services that pediatric care entails are:

  •         Immunization
  •         Weight management
  •         Sports physicals
  •         Nutritional guidance
  •         Developmental checkups
  •         Hearing & vision screening

When to start pediatric care?

It is good practice to enroll in pediatric services as soon as you give birth immediately. The first moments during childbirth are crucial to your child’s immunity. The womb microbiome is different from the world your baby is coming into, and pediatric services are the stepping stones to pristine health. To make the process comfortable, Harbor community pediatricians offer free diapers and free formula after the first and every subsequent visit.

Pediatric care visits

Our health care providers run routine checkups on every visit as a primary procedure unless you have an urgent complication affecting your baby’s health. However, each child is unique, and our specialists employ different tests that best suit the child. Each visit produces new information that aids the doctor in determining an appropriate course of action. The American Academy of Pediatrics advises making a doctor’s appointment at 1,2,4,6, and 12 months during the first year of your child’s life. Additionally, you can take your child to a pediatrician whenever they display signs of Ill health. Verify your insurance before scheduling a visit and carry your child’s medical record. Frequent pediatric visits ensure your child stays healthy throughout the development phase.

Choosing the best center for your child

There is certainly no shortage of pediatric centers across the state of California. At Harbor Community Health Centers, we believe your child should get the best medical care. A child-centered pediatric center with board-certified pediatricians is the right call. A good center should meet the unique requirements of a child through its staff. The treatment area is a salient aspect to consider. Children are prone to virulent attacks. Only take your baby to a clinic with high sanitation levels.

Additionally, check past reviews of the center before taking your baby to one. Finally, check out the rates and see whether they accept insurance. Childcare requires you to seek the best services. The key aspects should make the process easier.


Your child is your pride. We know it takes a whole community to raise a child. Our specialists devote their experience to ensuring your child’s good health.  Set up your child for a lifetime of good health by reaching out to us today.

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