Have you ever had a good look at the lion’s mane mushroom? It is just as its namesake suggests. Lion’s mane is a medicinal mushroom variety, which the Chinese have actively used in their medicines for centuries.

You will mainly find it in supplement form, but scientific theories claim that it has multiple health-enhancing benefits. From having beta-glucan to antioxidants, this supplement has several substances that could improve your health vastly.

Let’s discuss its uses below:

Uses of Lion’s Main Supplement

Many of us prefer organic supplements because of their high efficiency and low health risks. Lion’s mane mushroom is one such powerful nootropic supplement. The immunostimulant, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties in it can address several health concerns in our bodies.

1.          Enhanced Cognitive Function

Clinical trials proved that lion’s mane improved cognitive function in a group of fifteen random adults. It claims that this supplement can protect brain cells, promote new neuron production and improve memory.

Additionally, this supplement destroys the amyloid plaque to preserve your healthy neurons and boost your cognitive abilities.

2.          Brain Health

As people advance in age, their brain tends to reduce activity too naturally. You may think symptoms like lack of focus and memory loss have a link with again, but several factors of the nervous system cause this.

When your brain cells suffer damage with age and your neurons begin to shrink, that’s when your brain slows down. For this purpose, the lion’s mane supplement is beneficial. It encourages a healthy brain by producing two essential compounds: brain-derived neurotrophic factor and nerve growth factor.

3.          Focus and Mood Booster

A growing research body suggests that natural treatments like lion’s mane can induce more balance and positivity in one’s nature. Apart from boosting your mood, the lion’s mane also improves your focusing abilities because it regulates a healthy blood flow.

The supplement cures inflammation and gives your brain more power for optimal performance.

4.          Cancer

Cancer has become such a widespread plague now; we all appreciate anything that could protect us from it. Try using lion’s mane for self-protection against cancer. A study revealed that this supplement could be useful in thwarting leukemia cells in a person.

Studies suggest that this supplement extract effectively shrinks cancerous colon tumors; hence one could fight off colon cancer with this substance. While it is certainly not a definitive cure, the fact remains that lion’s mane can at least control or prevent the spread of cancerous cells to one’s lungs.

5.          Depression and Anxiety

Part of the reason why lion’s primary is a mood booster is that it helps relieve depression and anxiety. The supplement contains anti-inflammatory properties, and the effect of those is to cure people of depressive orders.

Even certain Japanese studies prove that women having health issues, such as poor sleep or menopause problems, benefit from this supplement. The supplement can low lower levels of anxiety and irritation.

6.          Improves Heart Health

Some research has also discovered that the lion’s mane can lower cholesterol. Hence, by consuming this supplement, you can control your cholesterol levels and ultimately keep your heart healthy and happy.

Supplements-How to take them

You can find lion’s mane supplements in the form of powders, extracts, and capsules. While the supplement itself is highly beneficial, you may fall prey to unauthorized and unauthentic providers if you do not research well before buying.

Before you buy the supplement, you must research sufficiently to verify the supplement’s medicinal bioactive compound. It is a good idea to pick up a product that reads 1000mg of the supplement per serving on the label, along with less than 5% of starch.

Most often, products contain many filler ingredients, reducing the actual supplement quantity inside. Since the lion’s mane supplement comes in three forms, you can consume it in various ways.

The majority of people like to add it to their cup of coffee every morning. However, it is essential to note that this supplement has a distinct, fish-like earthy flavor. While some may not mind that combined with their coffee, others may not find it a very pleasing taste.

However, you must note that combining the supplement with coffee is merely a matter of choice and does not increase the health benefits other than what the supplement contains.

Final Thoughts

Hericium Erinaceus or lion’s mane mushrooms have a globed-shaped, white fungi appearance. The shaggy, long spines and its overall appearance liken it to the image of its namesake. More importantly, though, this medicinal mushroom in the form of a supplement has multiple health benefits. This supplement is a must-have in your daily routine, from helping you prevent cancerous cells’ spread from boosting your heart health and brain functions.




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