People who are aged 65 years and over have the option to move into an aged care facility. Whether for convenience or for health reasons, moving into one is a challenging task to undertake. You will be away from your loved ones and friends, and you also have to adjust to a new setting and environment.

However, moving into care residences is not all that bad. There are tons of benefits such as 24/7 monitoring for elders with chronic condition such as dementia, as well as palliative care for those with terminal illnesses. On the other hand, these are some of the biggest benefits one can have.

1.        Need-based Care

Relying on your neighbours, friends, and family is not always feasible. Remember, as you age, your needs and demands for care will increase. This will be hard for your carers as they will have a hard time balancing between responsibilities at work and at home. Furthermore, those who live far away from your home will have to drive for miles just to check on you.

If you are staying in an aged care residence, you will have onsite personnel to efficiently monitor your overall health status. Moreover, the support team will make sure that the level of care delivered is based on what you need. This includes the administration of prescribed medication and utilisation of medical equipment when accessible.

2.        Constant Support

When you live in a senior care facility, you get to free yourself from a lot of mundane tasks such as gardening, cooking, doing laundry, and household maintenance. You will no longer have to think about what your next meal is going to be since you already have regular meals served. Plus, these will be within your dietary requirements after consulting the local nutritionist.

3.        Improved Social Life

Moving into a care facility will drastically change your life and even let you meet likeminded people. You do not have to live alone or bear isolation from family and friends. One good thing about living in a senior care residence is its social aspect. As a matter of fact, social events and gatherings are frequent in most of these places.

4.        Regular and Fun Activities Daily

Aside from the social gatherings, facilities also have onsite, as well as, offsite activities. These are provided based on what residents think they should do. You can suggest for fishing trips and other elderly-friendly activities that you think are entertaining and stimulating.

Since most care homes have personal support teams who manage these extracurricular programmes for residents, you can expect a highly amusing experience.

5.        Assistance from Highly-qualified Individuals

When you stay at your own family home, you may not get the best quality of care you need. However, by moving into a care facility, you will have 24/7 access to dedicated staff who knows how to deal with whatever health condition you have. This is quite suitable for seniors who are living independently or who only require a low level of care.


Aged care residences are your solution to isolation and loneliness. On the other hand, this provides families an alternative to show their love and concern to their elderly loved ones without losing their job or time for their families. Do not hesitate any longer; moving into a facility is an entirely safe course. So whenever there are signs that your elderly parent can no longer live alone, check out the care facilities near you.

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