A cancer diagnosis is a tough one to receive. However, thanks to the ways that medical technology has adapted and evolved in recent years, people who have cancer are often now very well-placed to recover quickly. Part of this lies in increased public health awareness around the early signs of cancer: often, recovery relies on cancer being caught early before it has a chance to spread. Checking yourself for early warning signs is therefore vital. Here are some of the main early warning signs of major cancers.

Testicular cancer

Testicular cancer is a major health problem for a small number of American men every year. Luckily, the vast majority of people who receive a testicular cancer diagnosis recover fully – and there’s a great prognosis for most patients later in life. In order to increase the chances of successful treatment, testicular cancer is best caught early. Checking your testicles regularly for any abnormalities is a good idea, and any pea-shaped lumps should be brought to a doctor’s attention immediately. If you feel any swelling, meanwhile, it’s again wise to visit your primary care physician in order to have it checked out. Even if you feel embarrassed, it’s better to be safe than sorry – and your doctor will always make sure that you’re treated in a respectful manner.

Thyroid cancer

Many people worry about thyroid cancer – symptoms, treatment and more can all be tough to go through, and it’s often a life-changing diagnosis in many ways. As with many forms of cancer, the early signs of thyroid cancer must be noticed and acted upon early, and they can make themselves known through changes in your body’s appearance or feel. If your neck feels swollen, for example, it could be thyroid cancer: the same goes for if you have difficulty swallowing, or if your voice changes in some way. These symptoms could, meanwhile, indicate something else altogether, so it’s worth going to the physician to find out for sure.

Breast cancer

Breast cancer can be spotted early, meanwhile, by looking out for a number of potential signs. If a rash develops around the nipple, for example, then it may be indicative of cancer. Similarly, if a nipple becomes inverted and begins to point inwards, then it’s definitely a good idea to go to the physician – and the same applies to the discovery of a breast lump. If your breast begins to change shape, then it’s also possibly a sign of cancer and necessitates a trip to the physician. However, it’s important not to panic if you discover these signs: only a physician will be able to diagnose these problems correctly, and they may not mean cancer.

Cancer can cause upheaval and trauma for patients and families alike. However, fighting this disease is certainly possible. By following the tips outlined here and ensuring that you check yourself on a regular basis, you can boost the chances of successful treatment and ensure that you’re always on top of your health.

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