Back pain can make you absent from work and prevent you from doing your daily routine activities. It can be uncomfortable, hence affecting your everyday life. Back pain can be due to an injury, activity, or a medical condition. It can occur due to various reasons and affect people of any age. Back pain can be considered chronic if it lasts for a long time. This condition can come and go, thus offering short time relief, which can cause frustration. Managing back pain can be a challenge, especially when you do not know the cause. Your spine and pain management specialist, Dr. Mahan Ostadian provides practical and innovative pain management treatments for all pain types to ensure that you return to your quality life.

What are the causes of spine pain?

Your back is composed of various structures of muscles, ligaments, discs, bones, and tendons, which provide support to the body and enable us to perform different activities. In case of any problems with any of these structures, it leads to back pain. Some cases of these back pains remain unclear.  Some of the common causes include:


Back pain can result from straining a lot, tension, or injury on your back. The pain occurs due to strained muscles and ligaments, damaged disks, and fractures due to injuries. Straining can occur due to lifting objects that are too heavy, jerking, or improper posture.

Structural issues

Several structural issues can result in back pain. Such issues may include fractured disks, which will result in more pressure on the nerves because the important vertebrae that protect them are broken. Other causes may include swollen disks, sciatica, arthritis, abnormalities in the spine such as scoliosis, osteoporosis, and kidney problems. Kidney stones or any infection can result in back pain.


Back pain can also result from movement or poor posture. The pain can occur due to overstretching, the tension on the muscles, bending for long periods, straining the neck, standing for long, and sleeping in a position that does not keep the spine straight.

Areas of specialty


This field deals with the ways of suppressing the perception of pain and sensation. Specialists in this field give anesthesia for patients who undergo painful surgeries and other painful medical procedures. Anesthesia can be administered in three different types: General anesthesia, which results in loss of consciousness; while regional anesthesia blocks the areas of the spinal cord and nerves selectively, local anesthesia numbs the applied area. A doctor specialized in anesthesiology diagnoses and treated patients with chronic pain.

Pain management

Pain is a common condition for everybody. It may be caused by various factors, which may range from acute to chronic pain. Specialists can identify the cause and offer appropriate therapies to cope with the pain. They use pain-relieving medicine, physical and physiological therapies, occupational therapy, and mind and body techniques.

Pain medicine

Pain medications function as relievers of pain and discomfort from diseases, surgery, or injury. There are a lot of drugs that provide relief from pain through various physiological ways.

It would help if you visited the doctor in case of any persisting pain in your back; the doctor will diagnose and provide appropriate treatment. You can also prevent the risks of getting back pain by practicing regular exercises, eating a balanced diet, quit smoking, manage your body weight, and an appropriate posture while sitting or standing.



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