Getting a gynecologist that you can talk to as a close friend can be daunting because it takes a lot to talk about your sexual health with someone else. But since you value your sexual and reproductive health, the last thing your gynecologist wants is for you to feel shy about experiences. Luckily, Dr. Patricia Brougher and the team at Bluebonnet OB/GYN are highly-trained to handle such issues with care and confidentiality. Read on to find out what types of problems they seek to address.

Common Sexual and Reproductive Health Issues in Women

As much as you may not want to talk about your sexual health, it is crucial to find a gynecologist that understands you. They can help you solve the following puzzles:

Painful Menstrual Cycles

Painful periods or cramps, breast tenderness, nausea, and headaches are some of the most common menstruation symptoms that most women face. It gets to a point where some women experience excruciating pain that affects their quality of life. It is possible that these could be symptoms of uterine fibroids or endometriosis. The team at Bluebonnet OB/GYN is knowledgeable and experienced enough to make these conditions manageable.

Vaginal Smell

It is common to hear of women who practice dangerous vaginal cleaning methods such as douching or using scented soaps and perfumes to attain a pleasant smell. What they do not realize is that these cleaning methods interfere with their vaginal pH, and this may cause bacterial overgrowth or vaginal infection. The vagina does not have to bear the smell like a rose or perfume. But if it has an unpleasant or fishy smell, then you need to see a doctor.

Discomfort During Sexual Intercourse

Sex is meant for pleasure and both parties need to contribute towards it. If you are experiencing vaginal dryness or pain during sex, chances are you could be having hormonal issues. Dryness during sex is common when you are either on birth control for a long time or have reached a state of menopause. Pain during sex, despite trying other positions and lubricants, can be a sign of an underlying infection or condition. The only option you have when this happens is to see a gynecologist to determine what you are suffering from. Early detection of an infection or vaginal condition can go a long way in customizing a perfect treatment plan for you.

STIs and UTIs

Most women suffering from either an STI or UTI can attest to being uncomfortable. These diseases are capable of interfering with a woman’s reproductive health, hence compromising their quality of life. Seeing a board-certified gynecologist is the best step to determine whether the treatment plan will be either medical or surgical.

Discuss Your Health With a Gynecologist

Whether you are introverted or extroverted, sharing your problems with a specialist is essential. You do not need to spend the rest of your life dealing with an issue that can be resolved through consultation. To find out how a gynecologist can help you, consult your doctor today.

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