Has your COVID-19 condition undermined your wellbeing and performance? This is bound to happen. Funny enough, you might not have contracted the disease. However, you need to get tested and get the results. When such a time comes the  GatherWell Rapid COVID Testing team will provide you with quality testing in Edina, Ham Lake, and Otsego, Minnesota. COVID-19 is accompanied by fever in some patients. Visit a Ham Lake fever specialist if you suspect your rise in body temperature might be COVID-19 related.

What Incepts Fever?

Fever is the sudden but temporary rise in the body’s temperature. Although it causes discomfort, it is an innate bodily response geared at fighting infections. This makes a fever an alert that a person is sick.

When Is It Necessary to See a Medical Expert If I Have a Fever?

Having to seek medical assistance when you have a fever is dependent on various factors. Apart from the current temperature, the person’s age and existing medical condition are essential factors accounted for by specialists.

Adults that are otherwise fine except for a slight elevation in their temperature do not have to schedule a session with a practitioner. There might be slight changes around the normal 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. 

People with temperatures well over 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit should, however, consult a medical expert.

Adults living with comorbidity and kids should urgently seek help because the fever only warns of an underlying issue. These groups have a lower threshold because either their immune systems are compromised or are not fully developed. A head start on tackling infections such as COVID-19 is crucial.

Is There a Way of Knowing Whether My Fever Is COVID-19 Related?

Getting tested for COVID is currently the only method of knowing if the fever originates from the contagious infection. The teams working with GatherWell Rapid COVID Testing are experienced practitioners using advanced testing technology and tools which offer accurate results in record time, up to fifteen minutes. 

Your fever might be from COVID-19 if it is concurrent with other symptoms, including:

  •         Runny nose
  •         Muscle aches
  •         Sore throat
  •         Loss of smell or taste
  •         Shortness of breath
  •         Coughing
  •         Fatigue

These symptoms establish themselves in a patient within fourteen days after contracting COVID-19.

What Is the Medical Treatment Procedure for a COVID-19 Fever?

Treating a fever caused by the virus might require medical expertise depending on the severity of the disease. Treating a high fever requires directions from a physician who prescribes an appropriate dosage of the product. They could determine the amount based on dosage, age, weight, and medical background. These details ensure the patient remains out of risk of adverse effects onset by incorrect dosage.

At GatherWell Rapid COVID Testing, we discourage over-the-counter purchases without understanding their effects. 

How Do I Administer Fever Medicine?

After being guided by our specialists, the drugs offered are guaranteed to handle your fever within thirty to forty-five minutes. To administer correctly, you may be advised to use a dropper, measuring cap, or special spoon packed with your medicine. Remember to wash the object with soap after use. 

Final Thoughts

While fevers might come across as slight inconveniences, with the COVID-19 outbreak, any discomfort requires immediate attention if you suspect you are infected. Visit GatherWell Rapid COVID Testing facilities for urgent testing as our team will offer you quality and efficient COVID-19 testing service.

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