If you happen to encounter a spine complication, it would be advisable to seek professional solutions as soon as possible. If you are within Vegas and seeking superior orthopedic and spine treatments, contact Dr. Patrick S. McNulty for a practical, personalized treatment option that guarantees lasting recovery.

About Practice

Patrick S. McNulty, MD, FABSS, FABOS is a high-ranking double-certified, reputable orthopedic and spine surgeon. He has been in practice for over three decades addressing and reconstructing multiple spinal disorders and deformities. His areas of expertise include conservative measures, surgical reconstructions, and spinal injections.

Dr. Patrick graduated summa cum laude from the University of Miami, bagging a triple major in computer engineering, electrical engineering, and chemistry. He attained his medical credentials at the University of Miami Medical School, finishing top of his class.

He attended the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center for his orthopedic surgery and residency. Additionally, he completed rigorous fellowship training in spinal surgery at the Scoliosis and Spine Center, an affiliate of John Hopkins Hospital in Towson, Maryland.

After his medical training, Dr. McNulty followed a family culture, enrolling in military service. Dr. McNulty has a reputation that speaks for itself for his time of service with the United States Navy. Besides deploying during the Bosnian war, he became head of the spine surgery division involving himself with full-time orthopedic residency training.

Dr. Patrick often commences with conservative alternatives before resorting to surgical options. He is fluent in spinal injections to initiate your recovery process in an efficient method. In addition to a traditional spine injury, he offers minimally invasive and robotic surgical options. Dr. McNulty is also proficient in workers’ compensation and medical-legal medicine.

Services Offered

Alongside his competent staff, Dr. McNulty delivers a broad spectrum of comprehensive services, including:

  • Sciatica Specialist- Sciatica is a prevalent condition among Americans. If you feel numbness, pain, or tingling sensations starting in your buttocks or lower back and it radiates through your leg past your knee, chances are you have sciatica. Contact McNulty Spine for lasting recovery.
  • Spinal Fusion Specialist- Spinal fusion is an efficient alternative for addressing numerous spine complications, including degenerative conditions, fractures, and scoliosis. Dr. McNulty offers cutting-edge spinal fusion techniques to relieve your pain.
  • Scoliosis Specialist- children and adults are equally vulnerable to scoliosis. If you suspect this condition on yourself or a dear one, contact McNulty Spine for precise diagnosis and treatment of scoliosis.
  • Pain Management Specialist- Regardless of your pain’s description, its intensity varies immensely on your ability to seek fast and effective pain management. Dr. Patrick is well-versed in customized pain management services to offer you lasting relief.
  • Neck Pain Specialist- Neck pain is a chief complaint across the states. If you experience severe neck pain that gets in the way of conducting your regular duties, you must move to seek timely solutions. Contact McNulty Spine for expert diagnosis and customized treatments for all neck pain causes.

To understand the numerous treatment options available and how they can benefit your health, contact McNulty Spine today. Call the offices to talk to a provider or book online conveniently.

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