The FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration)has recently criticized Juul Labs Inc. The reason is that the company told students about the safety of its vaping products. According to Juul, its products are 99% safer as compared to cigarettes. This article will tell you about the FDA’scriticism, as well as help you find the most secure and cheapest e-cig merchant account for your electronic cigarette business.

Juul, FDA, and the E-Cig Merchant Account You Need

Juul has described its vaping products as “modified risk tobacco products.” This means the products lack higher risks of diseases caused by tobaccos or theycause less harm as compared to several other tobacco products being commercially marketed.

The FDACommissioner Dr. Ned Sharpless notes that companies must put forward the necessary scientific proofand only then start marketing tobacco products to highlight their lower levels of risk. By the way, without approval from the FDA, no one is allowed to make such claims. Juul didn’t have such approval.

The FDA is carrying out an investigation concerning Juul’s use of nicotine salts. This is a formulation with the help of which nicotine becomes more pleasant to consume. If the agency finds something unacceptable, Juul could get fined and be required to stop producing its vaporizers.

In addition, the Federal Trade Commission, House and Senate have started their own investigations as well. According to Juul spokesperson, the FDA’s accusations are unacceptable. He further mentioned the company won’t avoid full cooperation with the FDA.

Earlier this year, Juul described its devices as “a smart, well-thought-out alternative to smoking.” Besides, they can improve the world’s 1 billion adult smokers’ lives.

With all that being said, it’s too important for electronic cigarette merchants to apply for the right merchant services geared for their own business needs. With a true payment specialist in the high risk field, you’ll have no difficulty getting approved for a reliable and cheap e-cig merchant account.

FDA Criticizes Juul

E-cigs offered by Juul, and not only, aren’t currently FDA-approved. Juul can apply for approval as a new tobacco product until spring 2020.Beginning in 2015, Juul organized a marketing campaign called “Vaporized.”The latter was criticized because it was found to target kids.

Juul, which is currently playing a dominant role in the e-cig space, is running ads in a campaign called “Make the Switch.”The company is spending $10 million on these ads in newspapers, over the internet, as well as on radio and television.

In 2018, Juul tried to represent its e-cigs as a means to help adult tobacco users quit smoking, and used the tagline “Make the Switch.” Now, the FDA is concerned with the company’s ad campaign. The point is that the campaign aims to show Juul e-cigs are safer to use as compared to cigarettes.

To sum up, the FDA has recently sent a warning letter Juul Labs Inc. about the company’s illegal claims concerning the safety of its e-cig products. According to the FDA, Juul must take action to correct that violation.

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