It is not uncommon to experience pain now and then. However, pain can be a complex problem requiring a multidisciplinary approach to ensure lasting results. This can involve treating all aspects of the pain rather than just relieving the pain alone. This kind of approach is utilized at Yancey Pain & Spine. Ensure that you get optimal pain relief from the following complications:

Pinched Nerve

This is the condition where your nerves are damaged or injured due to compression, stretching, and constriction. You can experience pain in most parts of your body, including your neck and back. The pain can be sharp, burning, aching, and can radiate to your eye socket.

An integrative approach is required to treat all aspects of your condition and not just your pain. However, your treatment plan depends on your symptoms, the affected nerve, and the severity of the condition, including injections, physical therapy, and medications.

Joint Pain

Due to your joint’s central role in your body’s mobility and flexibility, they become susceptible to injuries and damage, which causes joint pain. Your joint forms the connection between two bones and comprises multiple components, including muscles, ligaments, cartilage, and tendons. Any damage or disease affecting any of these components can lead to joint pain.

Therefore, to relieve the joint pain, a treatment plan is designed depending on the joint affected, underlying condition, and the severity of your condition. A multidisciplinary approach can be taken, including a combination of physical therapy, injections, and medications. For challenging pain conditions, dorsal root ganglia stimulation can be used.

Spinal Stenosis

This is a condition where the space between bones in the backbone narrows down due to several factors such as aging or injuries. This can place pressure on the nerves causing pain that can worsen over time.

An integrative approach is taken involving nonsurgical procedures and less-invasive procedures to relieve the pain. Some complementary options, including physical therapy, medications, and injections, can also be involved. Surgery can also be recommended where the need arises.


This is a common pain condition that affects the sciatica nerve and may come and go without medical intervention. However, the condition can become chronic and affect your life quality, thereby requiring medical attention.

Noninvasive and minimally invasive procedures are utilized to help you avoid surgery and involve steroid injections, physical therapy, and medications. However, if these options do not relieve the pain, surgery can be considered.

Back Pain

Although back pain is common, it is a complex problem that requires an interventional approach to relieve. Several factors, including strains and sprains, herniated disc, sciatica, pinched nerve, and vertebral compression fractures, can reduce back pain.

The treatment options that can help you get a lasting solution include physical therapy, injections, and medications. Neuromodulators can be utilized to reduce your pain and calm your nerves.

Herniated Disc

This is a common cause of back and neck pain and can lead to chronic conditions if untreated. It occurs due to too much pressure from the vertebrae above and below.

A multidisciplinary approach is needed to treat this condition and relieve the pain. This includes adopting modern techniques, medications, and traditional therapy. These include epidural steroid injections, medications, and physical therapy.

If any of these pain contributing conditions affect your life, don’t hesitate to contact Yancey Pain & Spine to get more information and the help you require.



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