Aesthetic and cosmetic treatments have evolved significantly over the years. One treatment that has been in the headlines since its approval is Botox. The FDA approved Botox for facial wrinkle treatment in 2002, and while almost two decades have passed, it remains a popular choice. If you are looking for Santa Clarita Botox, you will find numerous clinics to choose from. In this post, we are sharing the basics about Botox before you decide on the option. 

What Is Botox?

Aging is inevitable. Botox is one of the better options for treating wrinkles and facial creases, which typically appear with age. Botox is the brand name for the toxin called “bacterium Clostridium botulinum”, and you can find other brand names. While Botox is typically used for facial wrinkles, there can be other uses, including treatment of an overactive bladder and chronic migraines. Botox blocks the signals from the nerves to targeted muscles, which helps in relaxing the wrinkles. If you have facial wrinkles, especially lines around the eyes and on the forehead, Botox could be an option. 

Does the Treatment Hurt? Is There Any Downtime?

Botox is one of the safest procedures available for treating facial wrinkles, but keep in mind that it is not for everyone. Botox cannot treat wrinkles and signs of aging caused by excessive sun exposure. Your doctor will check all relevant details to determine if you can consider this as an option. There is no downtime, and the toxin can be injected within minutes without the use of anesthesia. It can take up to two weeks to see the full effects of Botox, and your doctor may have a few do’s and don’ts for you. You may have to avoid alcohol and some medications for a couple of weeks before and after the treatment. 

How Long Do the Effects of Botox Last?

Like most other cosmetic treatments, the results from Botox are not permanent. The muscle that has been injected with the toxin will eventually return to action, and that’s when you will see the wrinkles reappear again. In general, the results from Botox can last up to six months. However, since the muscles that cause the wrinkles are trained to relax, the reappearing lines and wrinkles won’t look as before. 

When you visit a clinic in Santa Clarita for Botox, make sure that you discuss other options with your doctor, including dermal fillers. You may have to come back after a few months to get your Botox injections again.

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