Going bald is a typical issue influencing about 60% of grown-up men and half of the grown-up ladies. Luckily, hair rebuilding can help forestall further harm and advance solid hair development. For a Hauppauge hair restoration and transplant specialist, Advanced Robotic Hair Restoration centers can be relied on. David A. Mayer, MD, and his group routinely perform hair reclamation on both men and women.

What is hair restoration?

Hair rebuilding, otherwise called hair transplant surgery, is a vital system used to reestablish hair to your scalp regions that have diminishing hair or are bare. At Advanced Robotic Hair Restoration Centers, patients can likewise go through hair reclamation to address diminishing beard growth and eyebrows.

There are a few unique sorts of hair reclamation, including:

  • Hair transplantation
  • Flap surgery
  • Tissue extension of the scalp
  • Scalp decrease a medical procedure

The sort of hair rebuilding you take the most out of relies upon your going bald’s hidden reason and your objectives for treatment. You may even profit from a mix of at least two medicines.

Who is a decent possibility for hair rebuilding?

In case you’re beginning to uncovered, or you have diminishing hair, and you have sound hair development on the back or sides of your head, you’re likely a decent contender for hair reclamation.

To meet all hair rebuilding requirements, you probably need some hair to fill in as benefactor territories. Contributor territories are segments of your scalp that give uniting or flap material.

It’s significant you likewise have practical desires. Hair reclamation won’t make your regular hair develop back, and it isn’t for everybody. In case you’re bare or have next to no hair, you’ll probably profit by another sort of treatment.

ARTAS iX™ automated hair reclamation System

ARTAS iX, is an automated hair rebuilding framework, utilizes constant 3D examination to plan and figure basic hair follicle measurements important for fruitful join reaping. This bleeding-edge innovation guarantees prime gathering conditions and compelling, enduring outcomes.

ARTAS automated hair inserts mix in with your encompassing hair, making them indistinguishable. You can go back to work or other ordinary exercises and feel certain that nobody will realize you’ve had a hair relocate.

What occurs during hair reclamation treatment?

During hair rebuilding treatment, your Advanced Robotic Hair Restoration Centers supplier eliminates a progression of little punch joins from the hair-bearing regions of your scalp utilizing the ARTAS iX automated hair reclamation system.

Next, your supplier moves each join to a region of thinning up top or diminishing hair. Each join is an alternate size or shape and customized to your remarkable objectives for treatment. Your supplier makes a progression of careful cuts and places each join. Following a medical procedure, you get back to recuperate. It typically takes time and a progression of medicines to accomplish your ideal completion.

Why Advanced Robotic Hair Restoration

We have real-time 3D analysis by the ARTAS iX that provides accurate mapping and calculating of critical hair follicle characteristics necessary for successful graft harvesting. AI technology designs and maps your hairline design, calculate the number of grafts for the desired density, and chooses optimal grafts for successful harvesting.

In case you’re keen on getting familiar with hair reclamation, demand an arrangement at Advanced Robotic Hair Restoration Centers today by calling the workplace or utilizing the web-based booking device.


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