There are many women who do not want to perform self breast lump screening for the sole reason of fear. This fear comes out when they find a lump. However, due to the increasing number of women having breast cancer nowadays in Los Angeles, women are now being advised by the doctors to do breast lump screening in Los Angeles. By doing this, women will be able to know whether they have breast cancer and can arrange for suitable treatment early on.

Breast Lump Screening in Los Angeles:

Nevertheless, as mentioned earlier, many women are reluctant to go for breast lump screening because of fear. Women also think that breast cancer screening may only be done in one way. The fact is there are many different ways of doing cancer screening. From different types of lump screening methods, the one which is most popular among women is the one being done by the doctors during the routine checkups. Adult women of all ages are actually encouraged to perform breast self-screening at least once in a month. These types of exams actually help women to be familiar with how their breasts look and feel so they can alert the healthcare professionals about the changes in the breasts so that the professionals can suggest suitable treatment.

During the process doctors usually check for any potential lumps in the breasts. If lumps are found, patients are requested to undergo several screening process in the laboratory. Due to the advent of modern breast lump screening in Los Angeles, professionals can do several easier methods in order to see if the lumps are cancerous.


Apart from the routine breast checkups, another breast lump screening option that is being done by the professionals is mammography.  Mammography is an especial breast lump screening process which is being used because of its accuracy and speed in generating results. It actually provides an x-ray image of the breast that shows changes in the tissue, new lumps, or tiny clusters of calcium that can be the first signs of cancer that cannot be felt or seen on MRI or ultrasound screening processes. The specialty of this screening process is that it can detect even a smaller lump that may not be detected in manual checkups. Due to this reason, the healthcare professionals consider mammography as one of the most effective breast screening process in detecting cancer in earlier stages.

Breast Ultrasound:

Another important breast lump screening methods that are available in Los Angeles is breast ultrasound. It is a safe and painless way of using sound waves to see whether a breast lump is filled with fluid or a cyst or whether it’s a solid lump. Although a breast ultrasound cannot replace the need for a mammogram, it is often recommended by the healthcare experts in order to check abnormal results from a mammogram.

Women should understand that having a breast lump is always frightening and therefore an evaluation process is always necessary. For this reason, a breast lump screening is always recommended by the doctors to decrease unnecessary worry over benign breast lumps.

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