Hearing is one of the essential sensations of the body done by our Ear by which we can communicate verbally by listening to them. 

The minimum frequency at which we hear the sound is 20 hertz and maximally is 20000 hertz. As the person’s age increases, the problems related to hearing increase, so we must take proper care of our ears. 

If you are facing any type of obstruction with the hearing, you must consult a surprise hearing care that can provide quality service and treat hearing loss.

Hearing care methods 

There are several methods through which we can make our ears free from hearing loss by cleaning them with different methods such as 

  1. By clearing the Ear by wicking.
  2. Using ear drops prescribed by the doctor.

Hearing Check-up

There are various methods through which a doctor can assess how a person can hear a clear sound. It is also helpful in babies of age less than five years. 

  • By using Otoacoustic emission – In this method, a device is put in the baby’s ears to hear the sounds generated by the cochlear origin, which are emitted by the motion of the cochlea’s sensory hair cells. If the baby fails the test twice, they will be sent to the next test.
  • Auditory brainstem response test – This test is done in specialized hospitals and can be done after the baby has inhaled sedatives. It gives us the working method of the Inner Ear and brain pathways.
  • Pure-tone Audiometry – Those older than five years and adults are tested with this method to determine the Ear’s hearing frequency.

What are the treatments?

  • Hearing Aid – A person suffering from difficulty in hearing will use this type of device, which is worn on the Ear to amplify the sound.
  • A behind-the-ear hearing aid – This has two parts joined by a thin transparent tube.
  • An in the ear hearing aid – It is small and specially made to fit inside the person’s Ear.
  • Cochlear implant  – That person who is unable to listen through the hearing aid is provided with the cochlear implant machine, which converts the sound into electrical signals and stimulates the hair cells of the internal Ear, and sends the signal to the brain by the nerve to make the person hear clearly.

If you have been facing any difficulty with hearing issues recently, you might contact your nearest doctor for help.

Also, take good care of your ears and clean them regularly to avoid wax formation.

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