Vascular health involves the wellbeing and proper functioning of the vascular system, involving the arteries, capillaries, and lymphatic system. It is essential to ensure this system’s health to prevent vascular disease that causes damage to the vascular organs and even leads to death. Vascular disease may occur in various forms. The common ones include peripheral artery disease and coronary artery disease. Physical exercise, reducing your stress levels, quitting smoking, lowering alcohol intake, among other measures, can help prevent or lower your risk of the disease. Vascular Specialists at Tinley Park and Evergreen Park, Illinois, provide efficient vascular care to help men and women live quality lives. The Evergreen Park dialysis access specialists use the latest techniques to provide effective treatments for vascular health problems. Call or book today to schedule your appointment.

Led by a team of board-certified vascular surgeons and medical professionals, the practice commits to providing individualized care to all types of vascular disorders. The highly experienced experts use the latest and advanced medical techniques to provide effective diagnoses and treatments to manage and treat your health conditions. Visit them today for successful guaranteed results.

What is dialysis access?

Dialysis is a medical procedure that involves cleaning and filtering blood after kidney failure. Since the process occurs many hours at a time and multiple times per week, there is a need for an easily accessible vein access point. The highly skilled doctors at Vascular Specialists examine your veins’ health to determine the best option for you.

What involves dialysis access creation?

It involves a minor procedure. Your providers make a fistula or graft to increase blood flow and strengthen the vein for a more efficient dialysis procedure.

The team at Vascular Specialists also regulates the health and viability of the dialysis access port. The access port needs proper care for enhanced health. The care providers also offer help to the patient with hemodialysis to prevent clots and ensure the health of your access.

What is a fistula?

A fistula is an abnormal connection between two organs, such as blood vessels. It joins an artery to a vein using your tissues. The procedure takes around six months before your dialysis. It is a recommendable way to create a dialysis access point since it is durable and has fewer risks of infection or complications.

What is a graft?

A graft involves joining your artery to your vein through an artificial plastic or synthetic material tube. It takes 3-6 weeks to heal. It is efficient when you need dialysis within a short time. It also provides a good option if your veins are small or blocked by scarring.

What is the Ellipsys Dialysis Access System?

Vascular Specialists experts lead in providing this new FDA-approved system for dialysis access. The system is minimally invasive and nonsurgical, enhancing the creation of a fistula in a short time. It takes around 17 minutes to create instead of hours. Hence, it allows the dialysis to occur within weeks rather than months.

In conclusion, Vascular Specialists use the latest technology to provide the most effective dialysis access. They use Ellipsys Dialysis Access System to create a fistula within a short time, improving the dialysis waiting time and improved effectiveness. Visit them today for your dialysis needs and promote your health.

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