Pets provide unconditional love and support. They will be there for you even at the worst times of your life. People who are recovering from addiction can also benefit from the presence of their pets. There are pet friendly drug rehabs that allow patients to bring pets with them.  If you are planning to go to rehab, you don’t need to worry about leaving your dog or cat behind. A pet friendly drug rehab offers a viable treatment option for people like you who want to keep their pets by their side. Here’s what you can get from going to a pet friendly drug rehab.

Feel a Sense of Normalcy

Patients feel a sense of normalcy when their pets are living with them. This is particularly beneficial for patients who are in the early stages of recovery. Having a pet around helps a person open up faster with other people. They will find it easier to talk to a counselor in a one-on-one and group setting. Having a pet is also a great conversation starter. Pets can benefit as well. The rehab community can help relieve their boredom and give the support and love they want.

Physical Benefits

Some patients have been helped greatly by pets during their physical therapy. Retirement homes often employ animals to bring joy and entertainment to their patients. You need to take care of your pet while you are in rehab. This means walking your pet, taking care of their meals and bathing them. All of these will get you moving and serve as a great exercise for both you and your pet. Interacting with pets can also help lower blood pressure and heart rate. It promotes movement and improves mood.

Emotional Benefits

The sense of having an ally can benefit those who are entering rehab. Many addiction specialists and therapists believe that the emotional benefits of having pets in rehab can’t be ignored. The presence of a pet can make it easier to deal with the situation. You can navigate life without the use of illegal substances. You will not miss your pet during the rehab process.

Having a pet is also a good chance to prove that you’re able to care for another life. Many of those who are recovering from addiction focus on their personal problems and needs. This is not a bad thing, but being responsible for your pet can help you forget about your problems once in a while. You can focus on giving your pet a lot of love and care. This can generate positive feelings of joy and accomplishment.

Unless the treatment facility has a separate pet resort, you may still need to take care of your furry friend. There is also no guarantee that your pet will be able to stay in the same room as you. A pet friendly drug rehab may not allow pets to be included in daily therapy, so you should ask the facility about their arrangement and rules. This way, everything will be clear before you enter rehab.

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