Endometriosis is a common condition signified by several unbearable symptoms such as bloating, severe pelvic pain, and heavy periods. The chronic condition affects about 10 % of women between ages 15 and 49. It can also affect the patient’s fertility and mental health, so it is vital to catch it early. However, some patients diagnosed with endometriosis in Las Vegas experience no symptoms, which is bad news as the condition can be diagnosed late.  It is therefore vital to equip yourself with relevant information to help you understand the condition. Follow through to be enlightened.

Endometriosis Diagnosis Is Not the End of the World

Being diagnosed with endometriosis may sound bad news, but there is hope for a better life.  Although some of the condition’s symptoms are serious, most patients lead full lives without complications after effective treatments. Therefore, take it easy if your doctor breaks the news to you or you experience symptoms you suspect are related to the condition. But you can still find additional help if you find it difficult to cope with the situation, such as looking for a support group or therapy to understand how to get past the news and find help.

Endometriosis Cause Is Not Well Known

Even medical experts are not certain about what causes endometriosis. However, several theories have been employed to explain how the condition came to be, but research is still underway. But endometriosis is mainly linked to periods where the endometrial tissue relocates to other parts outside the uterus. During normal periods, the endometrium thickens to prepare for pregnancy but is shed out through menstruation when pregnancy does not occur. But if the tissue develops outside the uterus, it cannot be shed out during the normal periods. However, they will respond to the menstrual cycle changes hence causing undesirable symptoms.

Pain Is Very Common

Pain is one of the established symptoms of endometriosis and can be unbearable. You might experience pain in your chest or back and experience discomfort during or after intercourse. You can also experience very painful and heavy periods and severe pelvic pain since the pelvic is like a crossroad for several organ systems. You can also experience pain during bowel movements and when urinating. However, every patient’s experience varies, and you should pay attention to any painful symptoms you are experiencing and report to your doctor, mainly during periods.

Infertility Is Possible With Endometriosis

Endometriosis has contributed to about half of all the infertile cases in women, although doctors are yet to understand how it affects the ability to get pregnant. However, it is believed that the endometrium lesions can prevent the sperm and the egg from meeting up and cause scarring that keeps the endometrium from developing properly. Some theories also suggest that the condition creates an unfavorable environment for pregnancy.

Treatment Is Possible

This is the good news about being diagnosed with endometriosis. You can also lead your full life. Although you can detect endometriosis in many ways, the best way to be sure is through a laparoscopy. This helps determine the stage of the condition, which can help your doctor recommend the most effective treatment. Most of the treatments will aim to reduce the size of the lesion but depend on the stage of the condition, your unique needs, and plans for your family.

Explore more about endometriosis by reaching out to Darin Swainston, MD, FACOG. If you suspect you have endometriosis, remember that it can dramatically affect your overall well-being, and the earlier you seek help, the better.

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