A hernia can be treated through surgery. However, the success of the operation depends significantly on how you prepare for the treatment. One of the preparation steps is finding the best hernia surgeon. There are several surgeons offering hernia repair services. However, here are tips to help you find the right Hernia surgery in Surrey.

Is the surgeon trained and accredited?

With the high number of private surgeons, it is recommendable that you vet the surgeons based on training and accreditation. The other important thing to note is that the surgeon should be trained and qualified for hernia surgery. As you compare the available surgeons, focus on the type of surgery they trained for and were accredited.

How many hernia repairs has the surgeon performed?

When it comes to health matters, you cannot substitute experience and training. Although there are several hernia surgeons, you can only trust the best of all. Before you choose a surgeon, it is ideal that you enquire how many hernia surgeries he/she has performed. You can go through their records to determine their level of experience.

Besides the number of surgeries performed, how many were successful? Is the surgeon familiar with the current medical options for hernia repairs? For the laparoscopic approach, the surgeon should be fluent with repair techniques and must have repeatedly performed the same surgery.

The type of hernia surgery you plan to perform

There are different types of hernia treatments depending on the kind of hernia. A reliable hernia surgeon should be able to outline alternative surgical procedures, and the risks and advantages related to each treatment. In particular, the surgeon should advise you about the use of mesh and describe why natural tissue option is not the best.

What’s their rate of hernia recurrence?

A reliable hernia surgeon should be honest about sharing their rate of hernia recurrence, the risk of chronic pain and post-operative complications. A professional surgeon will track the patient for a while to know their progress. It is important to discuss with the surgeon how long they follow their patients to determine the best option.

Consider the hospital

Besides considering the surgeon’s expertise and experience, you should think about the hospital. Is the hospital licensed? What measures has the hospital undertaken to minimise infection rates? Does the hospital follow the appropriate surgical practices? Does it have a fully operational operating room? The best hospital should also have trained and qualified operating staff.

Does the surgeon offer post-operative support?

Although they are rare, post-operative complications may occur.  A professional surgeon should not ignore such risks. The hospital or surgeon should be committed to offering post-operative support to patients. That not only lowers the chances of complications but also ensures a lifetime hernia repair.

These are some of the questions you need to ask of a hernia surgeon and health facility. If you are not satisfied by their response, seek a second opinion. Although a hernia surgery is a minor surgery, its success depends on the experience of the surgeon. Make sure that you have agreed on other terms such as the cost and date of the operation before committing to hernia surgery.

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