In-vitro fertilization (IVF) is a beneficial technique available for people who cannot conceive a baby. During this procedure, an egg is removed from the female ovary and fertilized with sperm in the laboratory. After fertilization, the embryo (the fertilized egg) is put back into the female womb for growth and development.

IVF / embryo transfer in Santa Monica is a frequently used procedure. It has shown excellent results and is minimally invasive. 

Ways to Prepare for IVF:

  • If the Patient Has 3 to 6 Months to Prepare

This time is ideal for preparing the body for IVF as the body needs three or more months for a follicle to become mature and healthy. If the patient has more than six months to prepare for IVF, they should consider an acupuncturist specializing in women’s fertility. They can prescribe herbal formulas for safe IVF.

  • If the Patient Has 1 to 2 Months to Prepare

Patients are advised to quit smoking as nicotine present in a cigarette makes the egg resistant to fertilization. Many studies show that drinking alcohol decreases the likelihood of both IVF and live birth following IVF treatment.

  • Take Vitamins

If a patient consumes a high-quality prenatal supplement, the patient is directly improving the quality of the egg and the environment for fertility. The ideal time for follicles to become mature is usually 3 to 6 months. Patients should start consuming these vitamins at least 3 to 6 months before IVF, although taking vitamins one to two months before IVF is still beneficial. 

  • Eat Healthy Food

According to Chinese medicine, eating eggs, fish roe, royal jelly, and seeds are beneficial to enhance fertility for IVF. 

  • Improve Sleep

The quality and quantity of sleep stimulate sex hormones, sperm production, and ovulation. Therefore, both males and females need to sleep well, which enhances the success rate of an IVF cycle.

  • Reduce Stress

Research shows that reducing one’s stress indicates a higher success of IVF. Taking on stress will affect the production of ova, sperm formation, and ovulation.

  • Improve Your Breathing

At the time of IVF, there will be a massive release of stress hormones from the sympathetic system, increasing the stress level in the body. By doing breathing exercises, the brain signals to the body to become relaxed and lower stress, which makes the body safe to conceive, as breathing quickly suppresses stress hormones faster than any drug.

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