Water distillation is one of the most effective and oldest ways to clean the water. People from almost 200 AD are using this method. Originally this process was used to distill seawater into freshwater. However, this original way of purifying water by distillation was very time taking and costly. But with the invention of Kleinschmidt Still (world’s first water distiller) during World War 2 it got very cheaper and fast. Today, seawater is distilled through a flash-type evaporator, making it a fast and efficient way to get clean, distilled water to more people.

Water has a lower boiling point then the particles and minerals in it. So when we boil water, water will turn into vapor leaving all the particles behind. Then those water vapors which are now free from any mineral or particle enter into condenser. Then the condenser turn those vapor back into water in a separate area. This is the concept behind purifying water through distillation.


Water distillation process mainly works by utilizing a heat source and a condenser. Heat source to vaporize the water placed in the container and separate it from the undesirable elements are what you find naturally in ground or water surface. It heats unpurified water until it reaches its low boiling point and begins to vaporize. Heat is then kept at this temperature to keep water vaporizing leaving all the materials behind. This process also helps to separate the water molecules from any microscopic disease-causing organisms. When water is vaporized, vapors then enter into the condenser. Now removed from the heat source, vapor then starts to turn back into the liquid form and then flows into another container. Now the liquid in the container is pure water which is free from any bacteria or minerals.

There are many kinds of water distillers are available in market. Some are for home use while others are very big in size and they are mostly for commercial usage at a higher level. But now days most of the people prefer to install a distiller at home because they don’t rely anymore on water supply provided by government or any other source. When you think of choosing a water distiller for home you should make sure that you choose the perfect one available in the market. Pure Water Mini-Classic CT Counter Top Water Distiller is the latest entry in the water distillation products and is the Best Countertop Water Distiller in 2018 with all the latest technologies. This is a nice and compact countertop water distiller that comes at a good price. One of the advantages of choosing this unit is that you don’t need to assemble or install it. Once you take it out of its box, it’s ready to use. The compact design of this water distiller makes it perfect for homes, but you can also take it with your when you travel cross country in your RV. The amount of water this unit produces should be enough to cover all the demands of small households. Do also read about loosing water

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