Plastic surgery involves a procedure to restore or improve your appearance. Other than being done for cosmetic purposes, plastic surgery procedures occur to reduce the effects of some health conditions or correct some deformities. It also enhances some body functions. Only a certified plastic surgeon should perform the operations for effective results. Arizona Ocular & Facial Plastic Surgery specializes in providing safe and quality plastic surgery treatments to promote health and restore your appearance. The practice is committed to offering excellence and perfection in all its services, including facial reconstruction in Scottsdale, Arizona. Visit them today or call to schedule your appointment.

After skin cancer removal on your face, there may be permanent scars left, interfering with your appearance. A facial reconstruction procedure helps reduce and minimize your scars. At Arizona Ocular & Facial Plastic Surgery, the highly qualified surgeon, Dustin Heringer, offers a comprehensive and gentle facial reconstruction procedure to enhance your look. Book online today to schedule your consultation.

What is facial reconstruction?

Facial reconstruction is a surgical procedure performed to minimize and get rid of scarring, hence improving your appearance. The scarring mostly comes from removing a cancerous lesion that may be present on different parts of your face.

Dr. Heringer examines the extent of your scarring and provides a customized facial reconstruction surgery. He provides sedation and anesthesia options, depending on your level of repair required. Dr. Heringer also provides you with the instructions to follow after surgery.

What are the various techniques for facial reconstruction?

At Arizona Ocular & Facial Plastic Surgery, the highly skilled surgeon practices various techniques for facial reconstruction surgery, including:

Skin grafting

Skin grafting involves removing a small part of healthy skin from another part of your body. Dr. Heringer ensures that the section removed fits in the scar’s shape and then stitches it into place.

Flap Techniques

For flap techniques, Dr. Heringer repairs your scar with a skin flap near your spot. The flap of the healthy skin is stitched over the fault. This method is ideal as the blood still flows through the flap.

Who is fit for facial reconstruction?

Before a facial reconstruction procedure at Arizona Ocular & Facial Plastic Surgery, you first conduct a consultation with Dr. Heringer. He performs a medical examination to assess your health and medical history. He also ensures your desired goals match with the surgery abilities. To qualify for the procedure, you should:

·       Be generally healthy

·       Have no cancer cells in the scarred region

·       Want to restore your appearance after skin cancer removal

·       Stop smoking for some time before and after the procedure.

If you do not meet the requirements, Dr. Heringer provides you with a treatment plan for another time.

To sum up, facial reconstruction is an effective method to remove scarring and restore your natural appearance. At Arizona Ocular & Facial Plastic Surgery provides you with professional facial reconstruction care in a calm and peaceful environment. They value your concerns and strive to give you the best experience with excellent results. Visit them today in your preferred location for healthcare with a difference.

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