It is everyone’s secret dream to have smooth and glowing skin that demands attention. However, some skin concerns such as wrinkles, scars, and pigmentation make this dream almost impossible for many. Fortunately, Kyle Scarborough MD offers you the secret to smooth glowing skin. The Tempsure Envi, on offer, resolves signs of aging and other types of skin concerns. Tempsure Envi tightens sagging skin and restores your youthful glow.

What is the meaning of skin rejuvenation?

Skin rejuvenation refers to cosmetic procedures that add life to your skin and restores your youthful appearance. Skin rejuvenation techniques help remove dirt, pigmentation, wrinkles, and fine lines to restore your skin’s natural glow. Dr. Scarborough assesses your skin condition and discusses your beauty goals before designing a personalized skin rejuvenation treatment for you. Some of the treatments that he may use include skincare products, facials, and laser technology such as Cynosure’s TempSure Envi.

What is the meaning of Tempsure Envi?

Tempsure Envi is a non-invasive cosmetic treatment that applies radiofrequency energy in tightening your loose skin. This technique also addresses other cosmetic concerns such as wrinkles, fine lines, cellulite, and scarring. Tempsure Envi evens out your skin tone and resolves facial redness while restoring your natural glow.

What is the benefit of Tempsure Envi?

The caring staff at Family Life Medical employs the Tempsure Envi technique to help you achieve your beauty goals. Some of the benefits of Tempsure Envi include:

  •                     It is non-surgical and does not require needles or downtime
  •                     It is customizable to complement your beauty
  •                     Uses a safe, effective, and precise radiofrequency technology
  •                     Effective and convenient for all skin types
  •                     Offers desirable and long-lasting results
  •                     Convenient in-office technique
How does Tempsure Envi restore your skin’s natural glow?

The Tempsure Envi system delivers controlled radiofrequency energy to the areas of concern. The laser energy carefully peels off your outer skin and triggers your body to produce more collagen fibers and promote cell regeneration. After the treatment, newly healthy, tighter skin develops and the treated area heals over time. For impressive results, you may need to undergo a series of treatments.

What should you expect during a Tempsure Envi treatment?

Before the procedure, Dr. Scarborough provides you with protective eyewear and uses a topical anesthetic cream to numb the target area to prevent discomfort. The next step involves gliding the Tempsure device along your skin, delivering the laser energy. The treatment feels like a hot stone massage that relaxes you. The treatment lasts for about 45-60 minutes. In the procedure, Dr. Scarborough gently spreads a soothing cream on the area of treatment for your comfort. He may also offer certain creams to soothe the treated area. After the treatment, you may notice skin redness that appears like a sunburn, which resolves within a day or two. You should start noticing your skin’s transformation within a week.

Do not allow wrinkles, scars, and uneven skin tone to ruin your youthful appearance when there are simple skin rejuvenation techniques. For more information about skin rejuvenation treatments, call Family Medical Care or schedule your appointment online.

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