Patients suffering from severe heart ailments are treated either by medication or by performing surgeries. Performance of the operation is again dependant on other factors like chest wound infection, heart stroke, irregular heartbeat, lung or kidney failure, chest pain, low fever, memory loss, blood clotting, blood loss etc.

Cardiac surgery in India has a very good scope with respect to the outcomes and cost effectiveness. Open-heart surgery is performed for people with coronary heart disease, amongst other heart issues. When the blood vessels that provide blood and oxygen to the heart muscles become narrow and hard, this is also known as hardening of the arteries. The factor that leads to the hardening of the arteries is when the fatty material forms a plaque on the walls of the coronary arteries. The limited or irregular flow of blood in the heart may also lead to heart attack. India is an ideal destination to look forward to get treated for cardiac related problems.


Other factors that might result for the surgeon to perform Open-heart surgery are-

  1. Repair or replace of heart valves that allow the blood to travel through the heart.
  2. Repair damaged or abnormal areas of the heart
  3. Implantation of medical devices that help the heart to beat properly
  4. To replace a damaged heart with a donated organ

According to the “National Institute of health,” a CABG takes three to six hours.

  • Initially, the patient is kept under general anaesthesia that ensures the pain-free process throughout the whole surgery.
  • The surgeon makes an 8 to 10 inch cut in the chest.
  • The surgeon performs the cuts through all or part of the patient’s breastbone to expose the heart.
  • Once the patient’s heart is visible then patient most probably be connected to the heart-lung bypass machine.
  • The surgeon uses a healthy vein or artery to make a new path around the blocked artery.
  • Then finally the original cut is stitched up.

Sternal plating is performed in people with higher risk, for example, those who have undergone multiple surgeries or people of the older generation.

Advancement of medical technology has provided with various new methodologies-

Key Hole Cardiac Surgery

It is also known as an endoscopic approach. It is also known as port access surgery or video access surgery. The types of operation that may be performed using the innovative port-access or “keyhole” approach include-

-CABG Surgery

-Valve Surgery

-Bi-ventricular pacemaker lead placement on the surface of the left ventricle

-Minimally invasive surgery for atrial fibrillation

Robot-Assisted Cardiac Surgery

Robot-Assisted Cardiac Surgery

A minimally invasive heart surgery. It is also known as closed-chest heart surgery that is performed by an experienced cardiac surgeon. A specially designed system is used to control surgical instruments on thin robotic arms. The robotic-assisted surgery has developed and changed with time. The added advantage of the cardiac surgery is that it is performed with smaller incisions, precise motion control, offering patients with improved outcomes.

LVAD Surgery-

In LVAD implantation, a device used as an alternative to heart and makes it easier for the candidate as the specifics of the invention involves carrying the device freely with the equipment.

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