Find out a surgeon who is contented and experienced in several procedures, such as LASIK, LASEK, and PRK, clear lens replacement, and the modern technology. If your doctor shows a deep understanding of these different procedures, you can confidently choose which one will be the best to correct your particular vision problems.

If you are considering a surgeon who does not perform a particular procedure that interests you, ask for an explanation.

It’s also a good idea to find out if a surgical center has had unusual or ongoing outbreaks of eye infections, which can potentially be quite serious. With strains of bacteria resistant to antibiotics on the rise, it is essential that surgical center personnel observe impeccable standards regarding the sterilization of instruments and equipment.

What to ask a refractive surgeon

After finding a LASIK Surgeon, make an appointment for a kraff eyeLASIK consultation. This is an important meeting. To get the most out of it, write down as many relevant questions about LASIK and refractive surgery that you can think of, and ask each of them during your visit.

Some recommended questions are:

  • How many procedures have you done?
  • What is your complication rate and how does it compare to the national averages?
  • Do you perform procedures at your own facility or do you need to travel elsewhere?
  • What are your performance statistics and how do they compare to national averages?
  • Has the surgical center you used ever have an outbreak of serious eye infections? If so, what caused this?
  • If a complication occurs, what is your specific policy regarding follow-up?
  • Is there an extra charge if an upgrade is required?
  • If you charge extra for upgrades, what kind of discount can you expect?
  • If you don’t charge extra for improvements, what is your deadline (one year, for example) to resolve problems after the initial procedure?
  • Does your billing department begin and explain all the costs associated with a LASIK or other vision correction procedure?

You must be sure you have chosen the right person. So if you are not satisfied with the answers to your questions, consult another surgeon.

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