Athletes of all ages, shapes, and sizes give their all every time they engage in their chosen sport. Unfortunately, in athletics, even individual non-contact activities, injuries can happen. Teaching both children and adults preventative tips can help reduce the likelihood of getting an injury, but when they do happen there are many solutions to quickly treat the problem and get back in the game sooner.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Stretching

Ideally, people should stretch thoroughly before and after physical activity. There are many different quick, easy, and effective stretches that work well for a broad range of sports. When the muscles are warmed it prepares them for the coming strenuous activity and can be a powerful aid in preventing injuries. Cooldown stretches offer the same benefits. All-in-all muscles react better to move when they are prepared first.

Wear the Right Gear

It might seem obvious, but athletes regularly skip wearing proper protective gear and pay for it later. Not all sports have the same equipment, so it is important to know what specifically is needed to perform safely. Helmets, pads, eyewear, mouthpieces, and footwear are some of the standard items that are the first line of defense against sports injuries. Make sure the gear fits well and is in a safe condition, if not, replace with properly fitted up-to-date replacements.

Rest and Hydrate

The body needs a chance to recover from exertion. It is recommended to take at least one day a week off of working out, sports, or training. In the midst of activity, it is also important to take breaks to hydrate and return to normal breathing. Human bodies contain a large quantity of water and as it is sweated out it causes dehydration that can lead to muscle fatigue, dizziness, and injury. Avoid dehydration by having regular water breaks.

An Injury Happened, Now What?

Even with every precaution taken an injury can still happen. After immediate care is provided be sure to visit Seattle orthopedists. These doctors and surgeons specialize in sports injuries to the shoulder and elbow. Many people are surprised at how painful an injury to the arm joints can be. When the arm is in a sling or cast it’s still jostled and bumped throughout normal activity causing additional discomfort. Orthopedic surgeons can treat or fix the problem internally so athletes can get back to doing what they love the most.

Participating in athletics is a great workout and contributes to overall positive health. It is best to take a proactive stance to prevent injuries. Stretching, wearing protective gear, resting, and hydrating are all simple and effective tools to stay in the game. In the event that an injury does happen, get medical attention quickly. After initial care, an orthopedist can further treat and fix complicated joint injuries. The road to recovery might be long, but soon enough athletes will be able to perform the same or better than they did before the injury happened.


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