Did you recently come across the services or advertisement of Faithful Counseling? Well, if you haven’t, this is a new service which has started online and which offers counseling among differently faith and religion-backed counselors. This is a different take as against the conventional online therapy and it puts a reference to the Christian beliefs of the people who are approaching them for help. With Faithful Counseling, you won’t require suppressing the system of belief for any secular therapy form. Something that you should take note of is that BetterHelp, the most respected online therapy platform, owns Faithful Counseling.

Who should seek help of Faithful Counseling?

In case you’re not concerned about your religious belief, you may choose to sign up with BetterHelp as they’re a secular therapy service. But in case belief, faith, religion and spirituality are vital for you, it is better to seek help of Faithful Counseling. They can provide you with the best solution to your requirements and needs. The counselor will use teachings of Jesus Christ to refer to counseling. In short, you can follow your faith while getting help from an expert counselor.

How does Faithful Counseling work?

Whenever you sign up with Faithful Counseling, you will be taken for a short survey. Through this survey, you will be matched with a respective therapist who can take care of your specifications. Once you’re matched with such a therapist, you’ll be asked to login to the website. After you log in, you can chat, video call or text your counselor either on a daily or a weekly basis from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

What is the cost of the services of Faithful Counseling?

Faithful Counseling begins at $35 in a week and the price is way below the standard and traditional therapy and this cost hundreds of dollars per session. Their service lets you chat everyday with your online therapist and hence you can discuss almost everything with him and at any point of the day. Majority of the standard therapists won’t talk to you on a regular basis and hence the Faithful Counseling counselors are far better as compared to them. You not only get 24X7 service but also a low cost.

Few other benefits

Beyond the above mentioned benefits, here are few more than you may consider:

  • It is online and you can get the services from the comfort of your home
  • Therapists and counselors are based on faith
  • Daily check-in with therapist
  • Counselors specialize with your needs
  • Backed by a reputed parent company

Therefore, now that you know how Faithful Counseling works, go through www.faithfulcounselingreview.com and sign up with them to reap the benefits.


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