We use gadgets and devices all the time. We use these devices for both our personal and professional lives. The technology has also continued to evolve, making it a lot easier for us to use these devices today. There are some problems though. Most of these devices like mobile phones, tablets and computers, emit radiation. Exposure in vast amounts could lead to different types of illnesses or even death.

The first sign that you might be overexposed to radiation is dizziness. Your vision starts to be blurry. You feel a bit disoriented. Your heart starts beating irregularly. It is as if you have run for several miles even if you haven’t. You also have a general feeling of weakness. Some people might even faint. Others start vomiting excessively or at least have chest pain. These symptoms are possible for both adults and children.

It does not mean that you automatically have a severe illness if you have these symptoms. It is possible that you are just tired. You might also face other diseases. Nevertheless, you need treatment. You should ask for medical attention as soon as you start experiencing these problems.

Protect yourself

Don’t wait until you start feeling all these symptoms before you do something about your problem. You already know that mobile phones emit radiation. Reduce your use of these mobile devices if possible. Use your phone only when you needed it for essential transactions or emergency cases. When not in use, turn the phone off, or place it as far from you as possible.

Another tip is to not place your phone next to your body even if you are not using it. Most people prefer putting their phones in their pocket, which is close to the sensitive regions of the body. Others also place their phones on their bedside table, which also poses a risk.

The best way to ward off the impact of radiation is to use EMF protection. EMF stands for electromagnetic fields, which mobile phones, computers, anything that uses wireless technology emit. These protective devices come in many forms. You can wear them as a watch, necklace or bracelet. You can also keep them inside your bag.

With the help of these protective devices, you won’t have to worry even if you continuously use your phone. You know that you have full protection against the harmful radiation. These devices can block radiation from entering your body. It is better to use these devices than not have any form of protection at all.

Things could get worse

One of the reasons why some people don’t believe in the harm caused by mobile phones is that there is no definitive proof that using phones causes certain illnesses. You can think of it this way, or you can start protecting yourself since you are already aware that your phone emits radiation. Even if it is just in small doses, daily exposure could have detrimental effects.

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